My Favorite Disney Things: Belinda’s Favorite Guy

Many thanks to Belinda from Disney Guru, for writing another “Be Our Guest” post today, this time on her favorite Disney thing….a certain Mouse…. Thank you Belinda for sharing! 🙂

When asked to write about my favorite thing at Walt Disney World, the answer came very quickly to mind. A lot of us have a favorite attraction, restaurant, park or resort. I can name several attractions that I love more than another and the same with a resort, park or restaurant, but those things don’t even come close to my most favorite thing at the most magical place on earth.

Mickey, the icon of Disney World, the hidden presence of Walt that makes us smile every time we see him. He is my most favorite thing. Nothing can compare to the emotion, the love and the magic that I feel every time I see Mickey. I can remember seeing him for the first time as a little girl and now at 33 years old, I still get teary eyed every time I see him. Whether it I am standing in line for a photo op or seeing him in a parade, I melt. The magic that Disney creates for me in my life, the way that it makes my heart smile, the way that it brings so much magic and faith into all of my days is purely magical. While attractions and shows, meals and resorts are wonderful, nothing can ever compare to the feeling I get when Mickey Mouse comes parading down Main Street or when he hugs me or kisses my hand, that’s magic. When I see Mickey, I see Walt, I see the dreams and hopes that he has given us, I see the magic and the love that he has allowed us to be a part of with every visit to Disney World and that by far is the best favorite thing this girl could ever ask for!

Keep Believing


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