Must Sees at Disney World: More Magic Kingdom Favorites

Continuing the discussion of our family “favorites” at the Magic Kingdom, I have to say that there are so many great attractions and rides in the Magic Kingdom, it is kind of hard to just pick a couple of favorites…we enjoy quite a few things!

Previously I shared our Tomorrowland and Fantasyland favorites.  Today we’re going to stroll over to Frontierland to start,  Untitledbecause it is here that we find my personal favorite ride in all of the Magic Kingdom: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

I absolutely cannot visit Disney World without riding this at least twice (thank goodness for FastPass!) This is THE ride for me, and I can guarantee that if you are in the park when I am riding it, you will hear me. 🙂 I have no shame.

The thing about Big Thunder Mountain is, I hate roller coasters. Won’t go on ’em, hate the “big drop” feeling. But this is not a typical roller coaster. Big Thunder Mountain doesn’t have drops but it is fast…..very fast….and I love that feeling a lot.

(The extent to how much I love this ride….and how loud I scream…. has been preserved on video by my oh-so-very funny husband, who thought it would be great to sit in the front seat once with the video camera and record my, um, enjoyment…. No, it is not on YouTube…. No, it will never be on YouTube…. Don’t ask lol.)

What I always tell folks who are not coaster fans, is that this is a “coaster” you can ride. No drops, but quite a few curves, and lots of speed. Go ahead, give it a try….And if you scream like a little girl, well that makes it a bit more fun, I can promise you that. 🙂

OK, Magic Kingdom required rides: Buzz Lightyear, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Anything else?

Probably our other “must see” has to be Pirates of the Caribbean…for a number of reasons.

First of all, it really is a Disney classic, and personally I am amazed each and every time I ride it, by the incredible attention to detail. Clearly it is such a favorite that it inspired an entire series of movies, and probably a million pirate wannabes all over the world.

Beyond this though, this is just a fun experience! You really need to ride it multiple times to “get” just how amusing it is, as you notice the “jokes” scattered throughout. Try to listen to some of the dialogue too if you can, it can be highly entertaining. (Hint: Listen to the auctioneer of the “ladies”….)

This ride underwent a refurbishment a few years ago, to add in some details…and a certain very popular pirate…from the blockbuster movies. So watch carefully to see where Captain Jack Sparrow pops up, it can be the most surprising locations!

I do have a warning for you though…and that is the pirate-themed gift shop that you have to walk through to exit the ride. If you have little pirates with you, be prepared to part with a bit of your gold on the way out, as it is going to be very hard to walk right through this without picking up a souvenir or two. Just be prepared is all I’m saying……..

100_0059There is actually one more favorite of ours, not a ride, but not-to-be-missed: the Magic Kingdom fireworks show called “Wishes”. Disney is known for their fireworks, and deservedly, and this show is one of their best: it is breathtaking, it is sweet, it is moving, and you cannot miss it. Be sure to check the times it will be shown and plan accordingly. This is not your hometown fireworks, I can assure you.

So there you have it, our must-sees at Magic Kingdom, the things which, for us, no Disney World vacation is complete without. There are certainly many other great rides and attractions, and to learn about all of them if this is your first visit, you should refer to a great Disney vacation planner such as The Complete Disney World to get all the details you will need to decide what is important to your family.

For those of you who are Disney veterans, I would love to hear about your “must-sees” at the Magic Kingdom! Please feel free to share in the comment section below.

Have a magical day!

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4 Responses to Must Sees at Disney World: More Magic Kingdom Favorites

  1. Charles Lee says:

    Mickey’s PhilharMagic (MUST SEE), Splash Mountain, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, the inside of Cinderella Castle (great artwork), and the Hall of Presidents (nice historical piece)

    • Nancy says:

      Totally agree about the Disney castle artwork: the mosaics are just lovely and too often overlooked by everyone who is in a hurry to get past them! Thanks for stopping by today! 🙂

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