Mouse Morsels: A Soiree With Disney Villains

  Mouse Morsels

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Hello Mouse Fans…Happy October!!  With Halloween right around the corner…Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is in full swing at the Magic Kingdom!  With The “Boo-to You” Halloween Parade, the Happy Hallowishes Fireworks show, Dance Parties galore,  Disney Villains lurking here and there and Trick or Treating all over the park….what better place to celebrate Halloween than at Disney World! 

My Hubby and I had SO much fun when we went last month…and we are STILL eating the mounds of candy we got while Trick or Treating!!  This edition of Mouse Morsels will be a little different as I wanted to share with you our special “Disney Magical Moment” we had at the Villain’s Sinister Soiree:  A Wicked Takeover of Cinderella Castle! 

First, let me say, that this event was VERY elegantly done with delicious appetizers, gorgeous desserts “made” by the Villains themselves, a wonderful fruity punch to drink with glowing skeleton heads floating inside.  The menus had our name at the top and we were each given an awesome dragon head stein full of candy to take home.  Lady Tremaine really outdid herself…and her villainous friends were…Villainous!!

With your ticket purchase (this is a separate event from MNSSHP), you also get preferred seating for the Parade, Castle Light Show and Fireworks.  We were so mesmerized by the Castle Light Show and Fireworks that we were both snapping pics and taking videos through the whole magical event…and by the time we were seated in Cinderella’s Royal Table for the Villains’ Soiree, which by they way, is BEAUTIFUL inside…we both realized that our phones were about to die!!  OH NO!!!  We had taken only 2 pics each of the Villains that were going table to table for the meet and greet…when at the exact same moment…both of our phones went dead!!!!  We were devastated to say the least!!  What were we going to do?? 

Lady Tremaine walked up to our table at that moment to see if we wanted our picture made with her…and we told her what had just happened…she said that it was a frightful thing that had taken place…and we all agreed that we would just have to REMEMBER the fun as we would have no pics to remember it by! 

Right after Lady Tremaine left our table, our waiter, Steve, came up and asked if everything was okay…and we told HIM what had happened with our phones.  I know he could tell that we were really upset, but were trying to make the best of our situation.  As more Villains were making the rounds and getting closer to our table…out of the blue appeared Steve…and guess what he had???  A disposable camera!!!  He put it on our table and said that he didn’t want us to miss a second more of the Soiree…we were both stunned and yes, I even got teary eyed…it was one of the nicest, sweetest, most MAGICAL moments we’ve ever experienced at Disney World…and it truly made our night and was a kindness that we will NEVER forget!!  Thanks Steve…you represent what the Magic of Disney is all about! 

Have any of you experience a Magical Disney Moment?  I’d love to hear about it!!

Until next time Mouseketeers…have a MAGICAL weekend…and Sweet Disney Dreams!!

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