Itineraries with Disney’s FastPass+: Epcot

Disney’s new FastPass+ program is now available to all Walt Disney World guests, so part of  planning your itinerary will be planning your FastPasses. Today, I will talk about how to plan these selections at Epcot.

But first, some general info: Currently, Disney resort guests can make FastPass+ reservations 60 days ahead of arrival, and off-site guests and Annual Passholders 30 days ahead of arrival. All guests can make 3 FastPass selections ahead of time per day, at one park each day. Disney recently changed the program so that guests can make additional FastPass selections at in-park kiosks after redeeming their original 3 selections. These additional selections can be made as guests park hop, as well. For this article I will focus on the 3 selections guests can make ahead of time.

Epcot’s FastPass system is tiered – that means that the FastPass-eligible attractions are divided up into two groups. Guests choose 1 attraction from Group 1 and 2 attractions from Group 2 when they make their 3 FastPass selections. Group 1 at Epcot includes Test Track, Soarin’, Maelstrom, the Epcot Character Spot, and Illuminations. All other attractions fall into group 2.

As you choose your 3 FastPass selections, pick rides that deserve a FastPass. The FastPass+ program has given many rides FastPass eligibility that did not have it before, but you will probably not need a FastPass for many of these. Out of group 1, I would pick Soarin’ – Test Track is also a reasonable choice, but it often has the option of a Single Rider line. Out of group 2, I would pick Turtle Talk with Crush and Spaceship Earth. It is possible you will not need to use these. If for some reason you cannot visit Mission: Space in the first hour the park is open, consider it for one of your FastPass selections. Remember that you have to pick 3 FastPasses when you reserve them, you cannot pick just 1 or 2.

I think the key to using FastPass+ is visiting some high-demand rides first thing in the morning on stand by, and using FastPass for others later in the day. After the park opens, head straight to Test Track, then ride Mission: Space and Sum of All Thrills. Use your FastPasses for Soarin’, Spaceship Earth, and Turtle Talk with Crush in the late morning and early afternoon. For most other rides, like The Seas with Nemo and Friends and Living with the Land, it is unlikely that you will encounter a very long wait.

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Elizabeth lives in Kansas City with her wonderful parents and sister. She enjoys long walks, happy thoughts, and Disney magic! Elizabeth first visited Disney as a child, and when she prepared to visit Walt Disney World as an adult, she foolishly thought she may have ‘outgrown’ Disney. Happily, Elizabeth was proven wrong. After planning a second trip to Walt Disney World, Elizabeth is now her family’s go-to resource for Disney. She even has her own blog,, with advice on how to plan your next Disney trip. Someday, she even hopes to be an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Elizabeth’s Disney wish list is a mile long, so she’s always ready to plan her next Disney adventure.

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