How to Plan a Magical Disney World Vacation Without Really Trying.

A recurring theme of mine, especially on this blog is:

If you are going to visit Walt Disney World, especially if it is your first trip, you have got to have a PLAN.

Yes………. if you are planning a Disney World vacation, you Really Have To Plan.

“But I am not a planner!” I know you are saying this. =)”How am I supposed to know what everyone will want to do when we get there?”

Well that little plan can be the difference between magic and misery for your group. So to help you out, here are a few very basic (and often VERY overlooked) tips to get you started in your Plan:

·         Before you leave, have the kids make a list for each park about what they absolutely, positively, can’t-go-back-home-without-seeing attractions. Make sure you make those rides and shows a priority each day. When going to a park, make sure you get to those first thing, and make full use of Disney’s FastPass for those with longer lines.

·         Look at a map before you arrive. The Disney website has maps that you can download for free. Do it. Look at them and become familiar with the various sections of each park and where your “must do’s” are located before you walk through the gates.

·         Know the park hours and take good advantage of them. Go early before the crowds arrive. You’ll be glad you did! Don’t expect to have lots of happy campers in the middle of the afternoon in July in Florida.

·         Know the weather forecast before you leave home and pack accordingly. Believe it or not, it is not always sunny in Florida and yes it can get cold enough in January to need a winter coat. Really!

·         Check to see if any rides will be closed while you are there. It happens. If one of your child’s must-sees will be out of commission, tell them ahead of time, to avoid a Magic Kingdom meltdown.

·         Take a mid-day break and go back to your hotel for a swim and/or nap. If you have little ones it is critical. It is critical for big ones too!

Planning a Disney World vacation takes time and effort. But the results will be worth it!

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