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It’s National Plan a Vacation Week….but for those of us who are, ahem, Disney obsessed, I have to say that every week is probably Plan a Vacation Week….Disney vacations that is. If we are not planning a Disney vacation, we dream of planning a Disney vacation, make plans to plan a Disney vacation, read about planning a Disney vacation…….and sometimes we even plan a Disney vacation for others.

That was, of course, the reason why I started The Affordable Mouse in the first place: to share with others what I have learned about planning Disney vacations, and help others to experience that Disney magic with their families.

For me and every other Disney blogger out there, every week is Disney vacation planning week….and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Walt Disney had this vision for what he wanted to create with his theme parks: a place where families could experience the magic of just being with each other….and those who have found the Disney experience to be as magical as Walt envisioned, feel compelled to help others do the same.

Ya kind of can’t really help it. 🙂

So this week is truly the perfect time for me to officially share some news that I mentioned briefly a few weeks ago, to those of you who are on my email newsletter list:

I am excited to announce that I have joined Destinations to Florida travel agency as a Disney Travel Specialist.

This is truly fulfilling a dream that I have had, literally for years, and is the natural extension of what I have been doing with The Affordable Mouse for well over a year now: helping people achieve their dream of experiencing a magical and memorable Disney vacation.

I am especially excited because being a Disney travel agent gives me the ability to offer more assistance and services to those of you who need or want the help. Now I am able to:

  • Personally search for you, to find the very best deal available for your Disney vacation
  • Let you know when new Disney promotions are available…and help you save money on a vacation even after it is booked.
  • Work with you on an individual basis to design the perfect vacation for your family at a price you can afford.
  • Help make dining and itinerary decisions with and for you if you want
  • Provide personal, one on one help with any other Disney vacation questions you have

Most importantly for you, booking your Disney vacation with me, and using my services as a Disney travel specialist will cost you nothing. Imagine having a personal Disney vacation planner…for free. 🙂

What specific vacations can I assist you with? While I will be concentrating specifically on Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Hawaii, and Adventures by Disney, I will have the ability to book pretty much anything!

And what does this mean for The Affordable Mouse? Will anything change? Well, yes and no. We will all still be working very hard to provide you with articles, information, tips and strategies about planning affordable Disney vacations, so you will still be able to find all kinds of great ideas here on our site and blog. Nothing about that will change at all…in fact we have some plans for adding more helpful information as The Affordable Mouse continues to grow!

But there will be some new things too, and if you have had a sharp eye over the past several days, you have probably noticed the addition of a new page dedicated just to getting information on pricing a Disney vacation. There you can request a quote (no obligation!), and can find links to more details about all the Disney itineraries available.  A few other pages will now have some new information as well, and the Savings and Promotions page will be redesigned with some new additions in the coming weeks.

All of this is designed to help you. 🙂

I am so excited to be able to achieve this dream of mine and want all of you to know that I am totally committed to helping you plan the most affordable Disney vacation possible! If you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to let me know:

Happy National Plan a Vacation Week….and have a truly magical day!

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