Great Free Tools for Planning Affordable Disney Family Vacations

I have been talking about the need to do advance planning to help make your Disney vacation a successful and happy time for everyone in your family. I have typically used a number of resources that are my favorites for the best way to plan a Disney vacation, and I wanted to talk about a couple today that are absolutely FREE to use!

But first, let’s talk about the anticipation factor. If there was ever a vacation that has HUGE expectations from a family…especially the children…it would be trip to Walt Disney World. Probably the best example of this is that wonderful commercial that Walt Disney World was running a couple of years ago, where the kids…and the parents…are talking the night before they leave for their Disney vacation…the “I’m too excited to sleep” commercial. If you have seen it, you know which one I am talking about: guaranteed to bring a smile every time! =)

My point in this is that, anticipating….knowing what to expect, and visualizing it all…is certainly half the fun of planning a trip! It makes the time spent waiting for the vacation to arrive, go a bit faster too! (You know: the “When to we go?” questions.)

This anticipation is helped then by learning about the destination…learning what things will be like, and what to expect. This “learning” part is kind of important, because it helps channel all that excitement into becoming aware and prepared. Which of course leads to happy vacations!

So, in addition to the reading you are doing =), I have a couple of really FUN suggestions. First, hop over to and order your FREE Vacation Planning dvd. It will arrive in your mailbox in no time, and you and your family will have a blast watching and learning. Many of us, especially children, learn visually, so SEEING everything will help everyone get a great feel for what to expect. Plus, as the excitement builds, everyone gets to watch the darn thing over and over and over…..

Now in addition to this, just the other day, I received an email from Disney with another really cool FREE tool. You can now plan your own, personalized Disney vacation video. You can choose the events, activities, and locations that interest YOUR family the most. It’s a blast to create, and even more fun to watch. Create your online video and then enjoy the anticipation and excitement of waiting for…and learning about…your Disney vacation!

And don’t forget, I have more ideas, tips, suggestions, or resources for planning affordable Disney family vacations as well.

Have a magical day!

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