Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust for Disney’s Cast Members

12241029_10153295795996234_8981204645040989725_oWhile at Walt Disney World this past month, I started really noticing the Cast Members and wondered how cool (or frustrating) it could be to deal with that many people every day! Working at Walt Disney World has always been my ultimate retirement dream! After all – how could it not be! Other than to be able to live there and visit on a whim whenever I wanted.

This was our first trip using Magic-Bands and Fast-Passes, but the Cast Members at the kiosks were so patient in explaining what to do and how to do it. Just standing there, waiting my turn, I think I heard the same answer and explanation a dozen times! Each time they explained to another guest it was as if it was the first time!

Walt Disney World creates an atmosphere of magic, where dreams really do come true! People who work at Walt Disney World are not called employees, but rather Cast Members. Every time they put on the costume for their part, they become an actor, an actual part in the entire experience. Their part may not be as grand as Mickey or Minnie or as exposed to the guest as restaurant servers, but each and every Cast Member has the ability to make each guest feel special and to do those little magical things that they will remember long after they have returned home.

We made a special point of talking to Cast Members more, joking with them and having fun while we were there last month. I wanted to become part of the overall experience, part of the magic! After 4 days, 4 parks, more walking then I can remember, more people than is normal – we did not have unpleasant or awkward experiences! The more we thanked them, the more we talked to them, the more they made us feel like family. It really did make me want to become a part of their family when I retire.

I can’t help but wonder how much better this world would be if the Disney motto “Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust” was followed more in our everyday lives! We could have an entire Walt Disney World “world”!

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Debbie and her husband live in Collegedale, TN where her youngest son is going to college. She is a huge Disney fan who dreams of someday retiring and working as a tour guide at Walt Disney World. She has enjoyed many trips to WDW with children, grandchildren and sometimes adults only. It is her ultimate goal to make sure everyone who visits WDW has the same magical time that she enjoys every time she visits.

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