Disney World with Little Ones: Touring the Parks

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Before heading off on your Disney vacation with your little ones, you’re going to want to have somewhat of a touring plan. You don’t have to have a strict one, but a loose guideline will help everyone. Know which park you are going to on which day, how you’re getting there, and have a copy of any reservations. There are many online services that offer touring plans for you to follow, but if you want to make your own, here’s a few tips for you.

Take some time before the trip to read about the rides online, and note height restrictions. I found the brochure that comes with the free Disney Parks Planning DVD to be very helpful—I marked off the rides the kids were not tall enough for and we did not want to ride. If you have rides, such as Splash Mountain or Space Mountain, that some in your party can ride but others can’t, plan to use rider swap and head to those attractions for your Fastpasses early in the day.

Also note rides that are good for little ones—the carousel, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and the Mad Tea Party are classic favorites. You may also want to note attractions that offer you a “break” and give kids a little downtime, such as the Walt Disney World Railroad, Tom Sawyer Island, It’s a Small World, or the Liberty Square Riverboat.

Familiarize yourself with maps of the parks. You don’t have to have them memorized but know the general layout. Locate the restrooms, baby care centers and those all important rest areas like I mentioned before.

Make your reservations early if you want table service meals, and plan accordingly. If you make a lunch or dinner reservation for Tony’s Town Square, you don’t want to be in line at the new Little Mermaid ride ten minutes before you need to be at the restaurant. (You also don’t want to be in a totally different park. It happens.)

Make sure when you’re making your touring plan, or guideline, you also schedule in some time for rest. You need it and your little ones need it. No one will be happy without it.

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Rachel is a Virginia native who now lives in Louisiana. She is married with two children, ages 5 and 3. After dreaming and wishing for several years, her family had their very first Disney vacations this year and are now addicted to researching and planning—whether for themselves or for others. They now plan to visit the parks at least once a year.

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