Disney World Savings Guide: A Great Place to Start Planning an Affordable Disney Family Vacation

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World for 2010? Perhaps Santa will be surprising your family with news of a Disney World vacation on Christmas Day?

If so, as you know, doing some planning will make the trip more enjoyable for all, as well as make it easier to actually have an affordable Disney family vacation.

With this in mind, I want to spend my next few posts discussing some of the Disney guidebooks that I have come across in my years of researching the best way to plan a Disney vacation.

Today I want to discuss The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide an e-book that has been written by a former Disney castmember.

I really like this book because, having been written by someone who worked at Walt Disney World, it offers a perspective that you are not likely to find anyplace else. As an e-book, once purchased, you can download it for immediate access, which is very nice, especially if you are doing research and want immediate answers!

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is also a good size: at 100 pages of tips and suggestions it is far shorter than many other books that you could purchase that don’t offer half of the specialized information that you get here. There is a lot of “bang for your buck” as the saying goes.

Another benefit, which I think is really important, is the unlimited access to the author’s  webpage for updates: it is updated monthly, so you always have access to the most current information, which is so helpful since Disney is known to change and add things on a regular basis. =)

Now I realize that e-books are not for everyone, as many people don’t like to “read” on their computer. But I honestly liked the fact that I could look over everything, and print out only what I wanted/needed for future reference, and then organize it any way that I liked. I found that to be far more productive for my planning purposes than highlighting and bookmarking pages of a traditional book…and then lugging it around all over the parks so I could have it to refer to.

Now, is it possible to find most of this information for “free” on the internet, via message boards, websites, etc etc? Sure it is, but that is the case, really, with any book. The point of this is that it really takes hundreds of hours to research and track down every little tip and suggestion…and who really has time for that?

I know, I have done it. That’s why I am doing this website, so that you don’t have to!

Even so, I do believe that The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide offers some great information, based on the author’s unique castmember experiences, that I have not found elsewhere.  Which is why I think it is a great place to start planning an affordable Disney family vacation of your own.

Have a magical day!

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