Disney World Rental House: Why Not Have More Space and More Value?

I have been talking on the past several posts about affordable options for where to stay on your Disney vacation. Today, I want to discuss an option that is familiar to many folks who have ever rented a beach house…..

Have you considered that a Disney World rental house just might be the best choice for your family?

If not, then I’m so glad you came to visit today!

If you are researching affordable Disney family vacations, it is hard to beat the value that a rental home will provide. For starters, you will have a LOT more space in a vacation home than a hotel room. More space will greatly increase family vacation harmony, I promise! =)

And if your family is one that typically needs multiple hotel rooms, then this will save you money as well. Vacation homes can sleep anywhere from 4 to 16 people comfortably, often for the same or less cost than you would have with one hotel room. No question where you are getting the most for your money.

With a rental house, you will have a kitchen. In fact you will likely have a well-stocked kitchen with everything you could possibly need including, dishes, pots and pans, glasses, coffee pot, can opener, bake wear, and other assorted kitchen items.

It is a great cost-saver to be able to make some of your own meals and snacks. By doing a little basic food preparation, and eating in at times, you will find that you have a greatly reduced meal budget. Just compare to what it would be if you ate all meals at the theme parks!

And no matter the size, your Disney World rental house will come fully furnished, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, in addition to the living/dining area(s) and kitchen.

One other thing: often overlooked is the fact that you may have in your rental property in-house home theaters, game rooms, private pools, video games as well as access to community centers with fitness and other recreation activities…at no additional cost. More savings!

I think it is easy to see why having a Disney World rental house is an increasingly popular choice for vacationers to the Orlando area. More space, more relaxing, saving money….there’s a lot of magic there!!!

Have a magical day!

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