Disney with Little Ones: Something for the Grown-Ups

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So you made it to Walt Disney World. With your kids. Maybe you’d been before you had kids and rode all the rides and watched every show to your heart’s content. Maybe you’ve never been before and did not realize that attractions for humans over three and a half feet tall even existed. But now you’re here and you’re looking at the guide map. You realize all of the sudden that there are grown-up things to do. You look at the other grown-up or grown-ups with you and think to yourself, “it sure would be fun to try those thrill rides.” You feel a little guilty, but you shouldn’t. The other adult(s) might be thinking the same thing.  But wouldn’t taking time out of your day to ride those rides be selfish? Aren’t you here for the kids? 

Don’t worry, you CAN have it all. Rider Switch is offered at all 4 parks in Walt Disney World for various attractions so that two riders can ride back to back without having to wait in line twice. It works similar to an old Fast Pass. The first rider enters the line and informs the Cast Member that they would like to use a Rider Switch. The first rider then waits in line while the second rider takes the kids to the bathroom, gets them a snack, takes them to see another quick attraction, or maybe even relaxes while the kiddos enjoy a little stroller nap. When the first rider returns, the second rider gets to bypass the standby line and go straight to the attraction. Please note that the Rider Switch pass is only good for 2 adult riders. However, here’s an scenario worth mentioning: If you have 2 adults and 2 children and only one child does not want to ride or does not meet the height requirement, the willing and able child is allowed to ride with each adult. Bonus!

This is a great way to make the best use of your time and ensure that everyone has the chance to experience his or her favorite attraction. You don’t have to feel guilty for doing something for yourself while on vacation with your kids. A trip to WDW would not be complete for me if I missed the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, or Space Mountain. There really is something for everyone at Walt Disney World!

Click HERE for a full list of attractions offering the Rider Switch option. Now stop wasting your time and get out there to experience the magic for kids of all ages!  

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Candice was raised in east Tennessee. While in college, her best friend dragged her to a Walt Disney World College Program recruiting session at the University of Tennessee and the rest is Disney history. In the Fall of 1999, Candice became a quick service food hostess for Sunset Ranch Market and Fantasmic at Disney-MGM Studios – or what is now known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While soaking up her time as a cast member, she met Ryan, a neighbor and a fellow college programmer who worked as a custodial host at Epcot. Four years later, Candice moved to the Midwest and married that boy from across the hall. They now live in Greenwood, Indiana with their two little boys. The Disney-loving foursome took their first family trip to The Happiest Place on Earth in 2013 and Candice is eagerly planning their return. Candice also works full-time at a community mental health center and enjoys taking photographs and blogging at Mommy in the Midwest.

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