Disney Vacation Planning: ‘Tis the Season… or Not?

AoAWith vacation planning season upon us, there are so many decisions to be made! Where to stay, what to do, where to eat. But before you can do any of that, you have to decide WHEN.  Let’s explore some options and their implications. First, think the kind of experience you want to have:

 Warm Days, Cool Nights

If the idea of slogging around the Parks in 90+ degree heat and high humidity makes you want to book a cruise to Alaska, then stick to cooler time periods, like November-March. Average temperatures during this time frame are in the 60’s-70’s during the day and 50’s-60’s at night. Warm enough for shorts and a quick swim, cool enough to wear your new Disney sweatshirt at night.

This time period will also bring you fewer US based crowds (with the exception of the holidays and school breaks) but keep in mind that international visits spike during the fall, which is summer break in other parts of the world. Another point is there will be more ride closures, as they get updated and repaired in the off-season.

 Heat Lovers

If you love the tropical heat, then May-October is for you! While July and August are typically the hottest months of the year, you’re looking at 80s-90s during this entire time period. Humidity tends to be high too, which if you’re not used to it can truly slow you down (and makes for a very bad hair day). During this time period, crowds will be higher during the summer with US based schools on vacation, as well as many international tourists visiting for competitions held at Disney (cheerleaders, marching bands, etc.).

 Of course there are special things to do and see no matter what time of year you come, and while no visit is the same twice, only you know best if you’re a true Heat Miser or an Ice Princess!

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Alysia has always been a Disney freak. From her first visit in 1974 to her most recent visit in September, she has grown up loving the experience that Disney provides its guests. Now with two children, she can proudly say she’s raising two little Disney freaks of her own. When she’s not planning a trip, Alysia has spent the last 23 years in marketing, working at both billion dollar corporations and small non-profits. It was during her time at one of those non profits, the Wildlife Conservation Society (parent company of the Bronx Zoo), that she took a side job at the Disney Store to supplement her income. Those five years as a Cast Member convinced Alysia that she would do whatever she could to work in and around the Disney company to marry her professional expertise and her passion for the Mouse! Writing for the Affordable Mouse brings her one step closer to that goal!

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