Disney Vacation Planning: How Often is Too Much?

This is a tough question, because most enthusiasts feel it is NEVER often enough to go! Many a Disney lover has given up their regular lives and moved to Walt Disney World to become a cast member. or retired to the area, just so they can be there on a more regular basis. For those of us, who can’t leave their homes for a variety of reasons, or retiring to WDW just isn’t in the cards yet, I say, go as often as you can. Go as often as you can to get the magical feeling, to recharge or to just get away.

Some people think once a year is good. It gives them time to save and the parks will still feel fresh to them with all the changes coming about. I have a friend that goes every October. Her adult children run in the Food & Wine marathon and they love going to see that and it is a less busy time of year for them.

I have other friends that when the wind changes direction, they are off to Disney. They focus each trip on something in particular, such as a girls trip, or eat at as many restaurants as possible in a particular park, or they only see shows that trip…………. You see the point!

Going for a long weekend, if you are close enough, can be just as Magical and special as packing up the family for 10 days! Going for a long weekend does mean doing some extra planning and really thinking about what you want to do for 2-3 days. What is on your list of “Must-do’s”? What is on your list of “Need-to-do”? Would you like to slow down and smell the roses or have a marathon day of hitting everything possible? I have found long weekends work better for smaller parties and less crowded parks.

Over the last 8 years I have not made it to my Magical place in person as often as I would like. I have unfortunately only been there twice in those years, but I have relived those visits over and over in my mind. I keep pictures around to remind me of the fun we had! I have found talking to other Walt Disney enthusiasts takes me back to my Magical times with Mickey and the gang. It also allows me to keep up with all the new things going on at the parks and resorts.

How often are you able to make it to Walt Disney World?

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Debbie and her husband live in Collegedale, TN where her youngest son is going to college. She is a huge Disney fan who dreams of someday retiring and working as a tour guide at Walt Disney World. She has enjoyed many trips to WDW with children, grandchildren and sometimes adults only. It is her ultimate goal to make sure everyone who visits WDW has the same magical time that she enjoys every time she visits.

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