Disney Holiday Gift Giving: Traveling Essentials

Wondering what to give a friend or family member who is planning a big vacation to Disney World (or anywhere else for that matter)? Or perhaps it is you taking the big trip and people need gift ideas for you? Either way, Christmas gifts are the perfect way to help make future traveling a bit easier, less stressful, and just more fun. Here are few of my favorite travel essentials that will make great gifts for anyone:

A GPS: Anyone planning a big drive to Walt Disney World…or who will be renting a car at Disney World needs to have one of these. Those of us who grew up with “maps” are especially in awe of how helpful a good GPS can be. And if you have an older one like we do, this is the perfect time to upgrade to a new model, as the prices are rarely cheaper than you will find right now.

DVD Player: Road Trip! Few words strike more fear into the hearts of parents everywhere than these two little words. Mental images of backseat fights, and threats of “Don’t make me come back there!” immediately come to mind. Of course there are a number of ways to make the time pass (and I’ll talk about another one shortly) but one of the most successful is movies. Having a car DVD player can save everyone’s sanity….and with some well-chosen Disney movies, you can get everyone “in the mood” while you’re at it!

But what if you’re not driving, but still want to keep the troops entertained while waiting in the airport…or even on the flight? Well how about a Portable DVD Player to the rescue!!

And to make sure that everyone is happy when your kids want to watch Monsters Inc. 4 times in a row, don’t forget the headphones. 🙂  Just sayin’.

Travel Kiddy: Back in the day, before it was possible to bring movies along with you in the car to entertain the kids, I made a trip to the toy store before every trip, to make a travel fun bag for our daughter. Filled with lots of fun games and things to keep her entertained, the travel fun bag made our trips much happier for everyone. Even now, while movies are great, there will be times when it’s time to turn the thing off and do something else. And Travel Kiddy is the perfect solution: travel fun bags already created, filled with hours and HOURS of entertainment for little ones and big ones too! The Travel Kiddy site is divided into different ages, and even includes a section for puzzles and games for older kids and adults. Not sure what would be best for someone else? They even sell gift certificates. This is a great site with tons of great travel items already packed and waiting to leave on vacation with you. No need to make your own. 🙂

So there you go, gift suggestions for making the trip to Walt Disney World happier for the kids….and therefore happier for the adults. Whether it’s for your family, or for someone on your gift list, I hope these gift suggestions will help. Happy shopping! 🙂

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  1. Kelly says:

    LOVE the Travel Kiddy…I have never seen this before! I am going to have to agree about the GPS and DVD player….they are a must.

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