Disney Fun From Around the World: Week of October 11, 2010

For me, one of the most “magical” parts of visiting Walt Disney World is how warm and friendly nearly every person you meet there is. I love how Disney folks enjoy sharing that Disney love with each other. It should be no surprise then that Disney bloggers are no different: you won’t meet a friendlier, more helpful, more encouraging and pixie-dusted group of people anywhere! And they’re pretty darn talented too.

So when I say each week that I really love sharing great Disney blogs with you, and have a hard time deciding which ones to include….I am completely serious. I have made many wonderful “friends” in Disney blog-land, and meet new ones each week….and I totally love introducing you to them. 🙂

With that all said….on with the show! Here is my collection of some of the most magical posts that I found this week:

Amy from Growing Up Disney has made it to the next step in applying to be a member of the Disney Mom’s Panel. Congratulations to her! You can read her story here: WDW Moms Panel Round 2

Disney Driven Life had a fun idea to add some magic to your Disney vacation: GO AHEAD, DECORATE YOUR WINDOW! (And congratulations to JL who also made it to Round 2 of the Disney Mom’s Panel application process!)

Disney Food Blog provided a little different type of post this week that caught my eye: Five New Drinks You’ve Gotta Try

Chris over at Everything Walt Disney World shared an experience she had on her recent Disney trip: When Good Rooms Go Bad: Lodging a Complaint with Disney.

Mommy Musings provided a very nice review of one Disney resort I have not been to yet….but have put on my list now after reading this: Disney’s Vero Beach Resort: My Top 10

Chip and Co had TONS of great posts this week. (Well they always do, to be honest, but this week it was even better than usual). I really could NOT pick just a couple! Here are the ones that I especially loved:

Finally, if you missed it, my article at Chip and Co this week: Affordable Disney Vacations: Should I get the Disney Dining Plan?

OK everyone, that’s it for this week. Happy reading and happy weekend! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the mention! When you get to Disney’s Vero Beach you will LOVE it!

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