Disney Fun From Around the World: Week of January 31, 2011

Happy Saturday Disney friends! It’s the Super Bowl weekend here in the US: will you be watching? Here at the Affordable Mouse House we are excited to cheer on our Pittsburgh Steelers tomorrow! And speaking of Super….(you knew it was coming, didn’t you??)….I have some SUPER Disney blog posts for you this week. 🙂

So before you get the wings, nachos, and beer ready (or whatever your beverage of choice will be), relax for a few minutes and take a look at all the points scored by these great Disney bloggers:

Let’s start off with our friends at Chip and Co: Debra shared some great souvenir ideas at Downtown Disney: Create-Your-Own & Customizable Souvenirs and Gifts. Meanwhile, Ken discussed something that everyone should try to do at the parks, no matter your age…but ya gotta get there when they open…Disney’s Animal Kingdom Opening Ceremony – Kinda’ Fun (And note that each park has their own version!) Then Lisa shared why Disney never gets old, as she looked at all the things at Walt Disney World that will be new to her on their next trip (which we hope is soon Lisa!): Doesn’t Disney World Get Old?

Disney Driven Life had tons of great articles this week too. I loved these DISNEY DINING PLAN TIPS FOR DISNEY’S ANIMAL KINGDOM . And then if you are like most in the US right now, you may need something to help you think *warm*. If so, then I strongly recommend BRINGING ‘OHANA HOME. On a more serious note, many people ask about THE DISNEY VISA and this article breaks down the numbers for you. Lastly, our friend James, aka The Mouse Planner, lets us know that if there is something you need (or want) at Disney World, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK

I love The Disney Chick for her great, and humorous perspective on all things Disney. This week, she discussed her customizable Disney park maps, and wants to know: What Do Your Disney Maps Say About You?

“Our” Kelly had some great posts this week at her site, Disney Guru, in addition to her one for us about Coronado Springs. Always looking to save some money, she had a great tip for Money Saver Monday!! Lunch for about a buck. And then, seeing how it IS February, she shares the Most romantic things for Valentine’s Day at WDW!!!

Do you do anything to make your trip even more “special”? Traveling Mamas had a great collection of Fun Tips to Prepare for a Disney Vacation. I loved the car-decorating idea!!

Are you in the “Zone”? If not, you should be! WDW Fan Zone had an amazing collection of blog posts, and stories this week. Among my favorites was this one about how to make a birthday at Disney World even more special: Lori Loves Tigger’s Tip: Celebrating A Birthday In Walt Disney World. Then Marc, one of the wonderful Dads on the Disney Moms Panel, shared a spectacular photo of Wishes, Dreams, and Pixie Dust (and he says he’s an “amateur”!!) Lastly, we were introduced to another great new site (especially if you love learning) in The Spotlight Zone– Magical Mouse Schoolhouse.

Finally, ZannaLand discussed a very special moment at Walt Disney World: First Haircut Magic at Harmony Barber Shop.

That’s it for this week everyone. Whether you are watching the game, or just the commercials, enjoy! But if you want to make this particular Disney blogger happy….wear your Black and Gold, ok?  🙂

Have a magical weekend!

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