Disney Fun From Around the World: Week of December 5, 2011…and our Final Giveaway!

Welcome to the final day of our Birthday Week Celebration! Today’s Giveaway of the Day is this fun Mickey Mouse tote bag! To enter, simply answer today’s question in the comments below. I will then choose one winner using Random.org from everyone who enters before 11 p.m. ET, Saturday, December 10. Please note: you must answer on the blog post to be eligible!

So for your chance to win in our final giveaway, please tell us in the comments below: What would YOU like to celebrate with Disney….and why?

And now, let’s take a look at our weekly Disney blog round-up from Rachel!


Spending a birthday at Walt Disney World can be a great experience. Here are some tips for making a magical birthday affordable.

The Four Seasons Resort broke ground this week on its newest hotel at Walt Disney World. It is scheduled to open in 2014.

There was some big…and for many of us, very sad…… news this week about Walt’s name no longer appearing in Disney movies. The “Walt Disney Pictures” logo has apparently been replaced with a simple “Disney.”    Jim Hill Media had an explanation of why the change was made.

In Disneyland news, The Leaning Tower of Tires, part of the Cars expansion at Disney California Adventure, has been installed at Luigi’s Cassa Della Tires.

2011 is almost over and 2012 is just around the corner. The New Year will bring many new things at the Disney Parks, including Cars Land at Disney California Adventure and the expanded Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. This post from the Disney Blog has an overview of things coming to the parks. This article from Chip & Co. is also a great overview of the many new additions to the parks.

The Downtown Disney district will donate seventeen fully, uniquely decorated trees to local military families this holiday season.

An announcement was made this week about a new DVC expansion at the Grand Floridian: 147 villas will be built, bringing the property into the Disney Vacation Club family. Set to open in late 2013/early 2014, booking opens in January.

And in Disney Cruise Line news, a new Broadway-style show called Wishes will debut on the new Disney Fantasy when it sails in the spring.

Thanks for helping us celebrate our birthday this week Disney Friends! Hopefully you have had as much fun as we have! 🙂

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Rachel is a Virginia native who now lives in Louisiana. She is married with two children, ages 5 and 3. After dreaming and wishing for several years, her family had their very first Disney vacations this year and are now addicted to researching and planning—whether for themselves or for others. They now plan to visit the parks at least once a year.

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24 Responses to Disney Fun From Around the World: Week of December 5, 2011…and our Final Giveaway!

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  2. Patti says:

    I would like to celebrate my daughters first wedding anniversary next year with the whole family again at WDW! She was married at SBP and we had a week long “Familymoon” so need a week long annual “Anniversarymoon”!!

  3. Laura S. says:

    I have celebrated my 15th anniversary and my 40th birthday at Disney-both so fun. This spring we will be celebrating my son’s 6th birthday. I would love to celebrate my oldest son’t 13th birthday there in a year and a 1/2! Birthday’s are wonderful at Disney.

  4. Janey says:

    We just celebrated my daughters 5th birthday with Disney and it was priceless watching her enjoy herself and having everyone wish her happy birthday and give her a little extra special attention – even other guests. I would do that every year if it would make her that happy again.

  5. Lynn Brooks says:

    I would like to celebrate my 5th year anniversary at WDW on August 15. My husband and I were married at the Wedding Pavilion at the Grand Floridian and honeymooned at WDW with all our families. We had a great time. I have wanted to celebrate our anniversary at WDW.

  6. Cindy says:

    I’d like to celebrate the birth of our first grandchild (due 1/24) and also our 33rd wedding anniversary (4/28) in WDW sometime during 2012 (pretty sure we are going back after Thanksgiving again next year!)

  7. Ladytink_534 says:

    I would LOVE to celebrate my birthday with Disney. As it’s 5 days before Christmas I’ve never really done anything cool for my birthday.

  8. Herman Goodman says:

    My DD and I will doing a dad & daughter trip to WDW in 2012. She would love to carry the bag around to collect her souveniers.

  9. Wendy Ryan says:

    I would love to celebrate my marriage by having our honeymoon at Walt Disney World. What better symbolism is there to be in my favorite place with my favorite person.

  10. Margie Hacker says:

    I would like to celebrate just enjoying being w/ our whole family together for our 2nd trip to WDW.

  11. Meghan says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to celebrate Halloween at Disney. My husband and I were blessed with the opportunity to go last December and see all of the Christmas decorations. However, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I would love to be there. Even better, would be to go the week of October 31st-November 8th to be able to see Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations. How exciting to see the “changing of the seasons” at my favorite place!

  12. amy warren says:

    i would love to celebrate christmas (my daughters birthday) and new years (my sons birthday) at disney!

  13. Pamela Weber says:

    We would love to celebrate anything at WDW! My hubby turns 40 in 2012 & that would be an awesome return trip since I did 40 this year there. Our aaniversary in April would be awesome, since we have NEVER taken a just the two of us trip for wedding or anniversary! We just love celebrating LIFE & Family at WDW!

  14. Michelle says:

    I would love to celebrate Halloween at Disney. It’s mine and my husbands favorite holiday and I think it would be fun to see it decorated for the holiday.

  15. Gaylin says:

    I would like to celebrate my retirement at WDW!!! I have a few more years of work to go and hopefully a few more trips before I retire but I am really looking forward to celebrating retirement with a trip that I can come home from and relax, instead of getting ready to go back to work.

  16. Cathleen King says:

    I don’t really have anything to celebrate, but just being at Disney World would be one to celebrate. Just enjoying the fun and magic.

  17. Sharon says:

    I would LOVE for my 5 year old twin boys to celebrate Christmas at WDW!

  18. sara zh says:

    I would love to celebrate the christmas season with Disney. I’ve never been there around that time and the pictures I see look so magical!

  19. Tammy L says:

    I would like to celebrate my 100 th visit to WDW however I am getting ready to celebrate mt 1st visit 🙂 99 to go after that!! and this bag would look great on every visit 😉

  20. Patti says:

    Our anniversary is close to Christmas so would love to celebrate both!!

  21. Samantha says:

    This month we will be celebrating Christmas at Disney World (One of my dream vacations!!!) and my son’s 3rd birthday. Other than that, it would be nice to be able to celebrate one of my husband and I’s anniversaries there kid free 🙂

  22. Tere Given says:

    We enjoy celebrating my Dad’s birthday every year. It’s tradition now. We also like celebrating our anniversary at WDW. If I could pick something new, it would be celebrating a family reunion… all of the people I love in the place I love.

  23. Emily says:

    I would love to celebrate ANYTHING at Disney! If we were to go next year, we would most likely celebrate our son’s 13th birthday in October, or go back during Thanksgiving or Christmas …. like I said, a trip to Disney itself is worth celebrating! 🙂

  24. Chrystie Wojcik says:

    The day before we leave for our trip will be my 33rd birthday. I’ll be traveling with my son and mom to go on a great vacation. But, I will not be celebrating my birthday instead, I will be celebrating my divorce. People think it sounds crazy, but I was married to a vary violent and dangerous man and every day I’m not in that situation anymore is a celebration!

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