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100_0234Disney Ticket Basics 101

At first glance, the Disney World “Magic Your Way” ticket structure can be overwhelming and confusing. There are so many choices! But the many options that are available can help you to customize your selection so that you are purchasing only what you need…and thereby saving you money in the process. Here are the basic options that you have:

  • Base ticket: Allows you access to one park per day. You cannot park hop. You cannot use it for any water parks. You choose how many days you will be visiting Walt Disney World parks.
  • Park Hopping Option: Allows you access to multiple parks each day. You can go to as many parks each day as you like. You cannot use it for any water parks. Again, you choose how many days you will be visiting Walt Disney World parks.
  • Water Park Fun and More option: Allows you to visit the Disney “minor parks” such as Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Quest, and Wide World of Sports. This option is in addition to the number of days of your Base or Park Hopping ticket: the number of Water Park Fun and More options is determined by the length of the ticket, and you do not have to visit any of the major parks on a day when you use the WPF&M option.
  • No expiration option: This add-on option allows any un-used days to be available for future use. They do not expire until used. This option can be a cost-saver if you plan another visit to Walt Disney World in the future.

These are the basic options for Disney park tickets. You have the ability to customize your ticket purchase using any…or all…of the options, to create the ticket that is best for your family.

It is important to note that “the longer you stay, the more you save”. Disney has designed their pricing structure to encourage longer visits. In addition, with the exception of one and two day passes, there can be considerable savings by purchasing your tickets in advance, through a reputable discounted Disney tickets broker. With careful planning, you can buy only what you will actually use….and buy those custom tickets at a savings!

Where You Should NOT Buy Disney World Tickets

There are many reputable places to purchase discounted Disney World tickets. And sadly, there are also places where you can lose a lot of money in the process.

  • First, never, ever buy partially used tickets. There is NO way that you can tell if the ticket really does have a specific number of days left on it…until you get to the gate. By then, it is too late! Disney park tickets are non-transferable and everyone over the age of 10 has their finger scanned when using their ticket: if someone else has partially used their ticket, you cannot then use it as well. In addition, in Florida, it is illegal to resell partially-used tickets…and Disney does enforce this law.
  • Never buy Disney tickets on eBay or Craigslist. Again, there is absolutely no way that you can verify if the seller is honestly selling you tickets that are good until you get to the gate. Con artists love these sites where they can try to sell unsuspecting vacationers Disney tickets that are partially, or completely used up…if you get any tickets at all.
  • Watch out for web sites that offer unbelievably low prices on Disney tickets, as they are usually scams. There is no way that these sites can offer tickets without losing money. Most are currently operating from Romania (you will see URLs ending with .ro), and will often want to you to pay by Western Union, meaning you can’t get your money back. Always pay by credit (not debit) card when purchasing online.
  • Many sites that offer very low prices on Disney park tickets will actually be soliciting for timeshares….and you will have to sit through a lengthy presentation in order to get your tickets. How can you tell? Check the bottom of the site: it will say so: be sure to read that fine print!

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