Discounted Disney Tickets 411

One of the first pages I had to make on my new website, The Affordable Mouse, was one devoted to discounted Disney tickets. When planning a Walt Disney World vacation, the ticket purchase is one of the most expensive items in your budget (especially if staying for a number of days and/or you have several people in your family). It is also one of the most confusing, due to the Magic Your Way pricing structure. And unfortunately, that confusion sometimes leads people, in their quest to save a few dollars, to make unwise choices in their Disney World ticket purchases.

Is it possible to safely purchase discounted Disney World tickets? You bet! Is it also possible to get burned doing so? Yup, it sure is. Sadly.

So, that was my reason for devoting an entire page to information on buying discounted Disney tickets. I wanted to provide some general tips for how the Magic Your Way pricing structure works, choosing the right ticket, and perhaps most of all, where you CAN purchase your tickets and where you should NEVER buy your Disney World tickets…and why.

I hope that you find it to be helpful for you!

Have a magical day!

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