Discount Tickets? Walt Disney World Lets You DO That?

One of the questions I often get from friends for whom I am helping plan affordable Disney family vacations, is related to saving money on Disney World park tickets. They usually want to know:

  1. Is it possible to purchase discounted Disney World tickets? …and…

Where can you legitimately buy discounted Disney tickets?

So, let me share with you how I answer those questions! =)

First of all, YES, it is possible to buy Disney World park tickets at a discount. The trick, and this is the important part, is to find a broker, or ticket agency, who is authorized by the Disney Company to actually sell those tickets. With anyone other than an authorized ticket broker, you truly run the risk of buying invalid tickets. And no one wants to do that!!

So the second question really becomes the more important one then: how do you find an authorized ticket broker for discounted Disney World tickets?

I asked this very question myself, when I researched this topic for our family Disney vacations. While knowing that I was saving money was important, I also looked at things like:

  • Is this ticket broker an authorized ticket agent? Do they clearly identify themselves as being authorized by the Disney company to sell park tickets?
  • Has this ticket agency been in business for a length of time? I am certainly not opposed to new companies, but with something like buying discount tickets online, there are alot of scams out there….and a company that has been in business for a number of years has credibility.
  • Are they affiliated with organizations like the Better Business Bureau, or local Chambers of Commerce? Again, a reputable company will have these types of designations, and be proud to advertise the fact!
  • Does this ticket broker clearly note on their website how their pricing structure works? That is, do they note if tax and shipping are included in their prices? If not included, are those fees clearly stated somewhere on their website?

Those were, and are, my initial guidelines. There are some others, which I will get into on my next posting. Again, while cost is a consideration, that was not necessarily my first consideration: part of me still believes that “you get what you pay for” and when I see the dishonesty of some ticket sellers, who have the “cheapest” price……..but are selling bogus tickets….well, I don’t believe that cheapest is always best. Good prices, yes! But making sure that, when I arrive at the Magic Kingdom, my ticket works….well that is probably a bit more important! Don’t you agree?

So after doing the research, I buy our discounted Disney World tickets from Undercover Tourist. They meet my criteria to a “tee”….and I can say that they have great customer service as well!

So there you have it! You can visit my website, The Affordable Mouse, for more information about Undercover Tourist, and discounted Disney tickets in general.

Have a magical day!

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