Dining at Walt Disney World: The End is Near…..Now What?


We all know the feeling of laying your head down on the last night at Walt Disney World. All of the magic and memories you have made in the past days swirling around in your mind. Also, the dreaded “Disney depression” starts to set in and the panic of what should you do on your last day.

There are many things to consider when deciding how to end your Disney trip. It really all starts in the beginning stages of your vacation. As some of you know I am a huge planner. I love the research aspect of traveling, so it comes as no surprise that I like to have a gameplan going in.

For those of you who drive time isn’t really a factor you can come and go as you please. However, if you fly like I do, finding the perfect flight times are crucial. Try to find a departing flight that leaves late afternoon or in the evening. That way you can check out of your resort in the morning and continue the rest of your day. Remember that the Magical Express runs until 10pm.

Some people love to shop till they drop on their final day. If you are one of these people going to the area formerly known as Downtown Disney, this is for you. You don’t need admission tickets to get in and you can ship all of your merchandise home (for a fee of course). Hey let’s face it they also have the Earl of Sandwich! Remember you can also do a lot of shopping from home. All you need is the item description. You can call the Disney Parks merchandise number and order almost everything from the parks. I like to take pictures on my phone of the item I want to order and possibly the item number if they have one. Just a bit of warning though everything isn’t available over the phone, but it is mostly the exclusive/limited edition items. So get those while you are there if you want them. 

Personally I am not much of a last day shopper. I always buy the last day park tickets through the “magic your way” package. The cost is usually minimal compared to full price admission. I would much rather spend my time in the parks (and I always get the park hopper).

As part of my money saving protocol, we usually eat breakfast in the resort room with items we have brought from home. However, on our last day we always go “out” for breakfast.

This trip we are making a trip to the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort. The Tonga Toast is legendary and for good reason. I have heard they have really good coffee too (not a coffee fan). For more money saving tips, you can check out my previous article here.

Then, we usually hit the parks. If there was anything we missed or wish to do again we fit it in. We always try to keep a nightly list of things while it is still fresh in our minds. Often the Haunted Mansion is a must do for me. It is my favorite attraction and I can’t ride it enough: read my article on the 40th anniversary of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion for my thoughts on this ride.

Depending on which park we are in around lunch time we always try to fit in another great meal. It is usually a counter service restaurant because, we don’t want to spend the bulk of our time in sit down restaurants.

As our time winds down we seem to always find ourselves in front of Cinderella castle drinking a Dole Whip Float. We try to imprint the image in our mind and tongues to hold us over until our next trip back “home”.


Be mindful of the time because as we all know time seems to elude us at Walt Disney World. I always set an alarm on a cell phone so we have time to make it back to the resort for the Magical Express.

So no matter how you enjoy spending your final hours at the Disney Parks. One thing is for sure the Disney depression will set in. However, that is when it is time to start planning the next trip!

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Keith was born and raised in Northeast Ohio.He now lives with his wife a few miles from his childhood home. His first trip to the Magic Kingdom was at the age of two and while the only memories are in pictures, the magic laid dormant within him. Until he saw the animated movie Robin Hood, and his love began to grow. He has always had an interest in food and the togetherness it brings. He became a classically trained chef and all around foodie. His last trip to Disney World was in 2011 and he has been learning, researching, and keeping up on all things Disney since. He hopes to bring you all of the food news from the parks, tips on how to save money on food, and all the tastes and smells from the House of Mouse (especially when smell o vision is invented). You can follow Keith on Twitter @DarthChef79.

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