Dining at Walt Disney World: Be Our Guest…….For Lunch

 On our last trip to Walt Disney World, we spent two full days off and on in the Magic Kingdom. Every time we had walked past Be Our Guest the line reached as far as the eye could see. I knew about some guests being able to book fast pass times for lunch, but I couldn’t find a proper “crack” online to be able to. So on our last day we decided to skip breakfast and go early for lunch. The Restaurant opens at 10:30am for lunch.

A few days prior we had gotten to the Magic Kingdom at rope drop and walked over to New Fantasyland to get some nice pictures before the crowds descended. The restaurant was open to a point so guests can go in look around and take some pictures. The lobby is amazing! Everywhere you turn you are transported into the story as a willing guest of the castle.

As a self proclaimed amateur photographer take this little piece of advice. Take your time walking into, out of, and through the castle. There are amazing pictures to be taken. This was one of my favorites.

The Stained glass is beautiful. If you ask the cast member nicely they will take your picture in front of it. 

The knights guard the hallway. If you’re quiet you can hear them gossiping about you as you walk by!

So lets fast forward to the day we actually ate here. We got to the restaurant on a rainy morning around 9:40am. We were the second couple in line (thankfully we got to stand under the cast members umbrella stand). We had a nice time talking to the other guests and cast members to pass the time.

When the time arrived to let us in all of the cast members came out (even the chef). They welcomed us with a proclamation from the Beast.

We were then ushered into the lobby and to a podium where we were given a “rose” marker and shown to an ordering kiosk.

We used our Quick Service Dining Plan and ordering couldn’t be easier. I touched my Magic Band to the receiver and followed the instructions. when we ordered we were allowed to find a table in any dining room we chose. Of course we walked around first to get a few pictures of the different dining rooms.

The Grand Ballroom was gorgeous. The attention to detail and make sure to walk by the windows. Spoiler alert it does snow in Florida.

The “Gallery” dining room has paintings of Beast and Belle and a huge spinning statue of their first dance.

The “West Wing” (where we chose to sit) is dark, damaged, and beautiful all at the same time. This is the room with the rose that is suspended in the dome. The portrait in the picture will change when the last pedal falls off the rose and the storm kicks up. It happens every 8-10 minutes or so. Photographers note: Don’t use your flash! The images won’t come out at all. Also as diners, when you are in a darkened room with tons of flash bulbs going off every minute gets old quickly.

Yes this is the same picture.

Ok, now onto the food. When you find a table put your rose on it with your receipt. The rose acts as a gps device for the staff to find your table and bring your food to you. I had the carved prime chuck roast beef sandwich that was served on a warm baguette with a horseradish cream sauce. It comes with pomme frites (french fries). It was delicious. The bread is outstanding, which you would hope from a french themed restaurant.

I also got the “grey stuff cupcake” It was a chocolate cupcake with grey icing and a printed chocolate square. The cupcake was very good. However, the icing didn’t really have a distinct flavor other than sweet. I had to get it just to say I had the grey stuff, but I liked Minnie’s choice of cupcake better.

Minnie chose the carved turkey sandwich with dijon mayonnaise and pomme frites. It was also very good. She however chose the strawberry cupcake. It was truly delicious.

One other thing I found very favorable and rare around Walt Disney World. They have a self serve fountain drink station (without RFID chips on the cups). So you can get as many refills as you wish. 

They have been testing the FastPass+ system for reservations at lunch here. I think it would benefit greatly if they added it. When we left there was already an hour plus wait. We were only in there maybe a half an hour so it does fill up quickly. There is plenty of seating, but the demand is just to great right now. Definitely make it here for lunch however you plan your day. It is well worth it.      

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Keith was born and raised in Northeast Ohio.He now lives with his wife a few miles from his childhood home. His first trip to the Magic Kingdom was at the age of two and while the only memories are in pictures, the magic laid dormant within him. Until he saw the animated movie Robin Hood, and his love began to grow. He has always had an interest in food and the togetherness it brings. He became a classically trained chef and all around foodie. His last trip to Disney World was in 2011 and he has been learning, researching, and keeping up on all things Disney since. He hopes to bring you all of the food news from the parks, tips on how to save money on food, and all the tastes and smells from the House of Mouse (especially when smell o vision is invented). You can follow Keith on Twitter @DarthChef79.

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