Cruising With Disney: Disney Cruise Excursions

Your Disney Cruise Line package arrives in the mail. You begin to look through the materials and realize all there is to do both onboard and at the ports of call. There’s parasailing, beach days, jeep tours, swimming with the stingrays, dog sledding, helicopter rides, and the list is endless. So how do you decide what to do?

First off, consider the ages and abilities of all those in your party. Do you want something that’s active or more sedentary? If the choice is divided, do just that; divide your group and do the excursions that fit different individual styles. Second, think about how much you might want to spend on your activity. Would you like to do something at each island, one or two of the islands? If you choose one island, the choice may be to do something that could be a little more expensive, but create a lifetime of memories that are priceless. You can choose to explore the islands on your own but when you have the experience of someone that may be native to that island, take advantage of their knowledge and soak it all in. Another advantage of booking through Disney is that you are with reputable excursion companies that provide competitive pricing.

Having cruised Alaska on Disney Cruise Line, I can tell you that Alaskans are kind, warm, generous people who want to share their state with you. They treasure their environment; it’s clean, crisp and so welcoming. A favorite excursion of mine was the dogsled adventure. The dogs are treated wonderfully; they are happy, full of energy and love to see people. And a bonus, there are usually puppies you can interact with.

No matter what you choose to do, look at all the options, narrow it down to your first, second and third choices and book EARLY, they do fill up quickly. Create an unforgettable vacation.

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Sheila tells us: I live in Massachusetts with my husband and 2 daughters and was first introduced to Disney over 35 years ago. Having visited many times since, we always found ourselves eager to return because Disney always provided us so many options on things to do. One hot, humid, August day back in 1998, while visiting Animal Kingdom, a gentleman asked if we would like a ride in an air conditioned van along with an ice cold lemonade in exchange for an hour of his time. We took him up on his offer and when that hour was up we wanted to hear more…more about the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). We became DVC members that day and have never regretted our decision – we enjoy amazing vacations.

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