Countdown to Disney in the Fall!

Editor: Welcome to Julie, our newest writer! Julie will be periodically sharing her “trip-planning journey” with us, as she works on planning her next visit. She’s very excited and, well…..I’ll let her tell you the rest….  🙂

MICKEY, HERE WE COME….I LOVE how that sounds!!  My husband (Henry) and I are in the process of  planning our 2 week Disney World vacation coming up this September… ….can we say EXCITED???  That would be putting it mildly!! 

Since June of 2012, Henry and I have been working on the details of when we are going, who is going, how long everyone can stay, choosing a resort, where we want to eat, what shows, rides and parades we don’t want to miss, all while trying to make sure everyone has the BEST vacation ever AND stay within budget as well….WHEW!!  

This trip will actually be split in half with our daughter and son-in-law coming the first week and our son, grandson and nephew coming the second week.  There will be a three day period when they are ALL there together!  Since our daughter, son-in-law and nephew have never been to Disney World, a lifelong dream of mine is going to come true as I have always wanted to enjoy all of the magic with my daughter, so I will be smiling as I see her experience Disney for the first time.

We have been to Disney World during the months of February, June and September, with September being our favorite time to go, hands down!  February is nice, but a little chilly for the water rides plus the water parks are closed and we hate missing out on those while we are there.  June is hot and CRAZY busy with long lines and kids everywhere having a blast on their summer vacations, as they should!  But September…..ahhhh September is perfect…small crowds, beautiful weather, Mickey’s Not So Spooky Halloween Party and The Epcot Food & Wine Festival are added bonuses during that time of year! The fall season is a fun, relaxing (well, as relaxing as you can get while trying to see and ride everything), non-frustrating, enjoyable time of year to go….so September it is for our Disney vacation!! 

We have decided to stay at Port Orleans Riverside again….we stayed there on our last trip and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Our room was in Alligator Bayou and we had a poolside view…plus having the laundry room right in the pool area was wonderful as well!  The grounds at POR are beautiful…our room was close to one of the bus depots and not far from the Downtown Disney water taxi and the restaurants…so we really enjoyed our walks to and from each place.  We were so busy on our last trip that we didn’t even know that Bob Jackson (Yehaa Bob) performed at our hotel…so we have plans to see his show this time! Our son, nephew and grandson will be staying at POR as well, while our daughter and son-in-law have chosen the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort for their first on-site Disney vacation. 

We are now on the countdown for making our Dining Reservations, which is recommended should be done 180 days before your trip….3 more days and we can begin….I’ll let you know how it goes!!

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As Julie says: “I am addicted to all things Disney! 🙂 I grew up in Vernon, TX and now reside in Waller, TX (outside of Houston) on a small ranch with my hubby and all of our animals who we affectionately call “The Zoo Crew”! We have been married almost a year now (together for 7) and have 5 children and 9 grandchildren between the 2 of us. We knew we were meant for each other when we discovered we were both Disney fanatics! 🙂 I went to Disneyland for the first time when I was 6 and fell in love with the magic of Disney. Now, my husband and I go to Disney World every 2 years either with friends or with whichever kid and grandkid are available to go at the time. We spend a lot of time planning our trips to ensure that everyone has the most memorable time while there, so that is what I will be writing about and hopefully give you some ideas to try for YOUR next Disney vacation. I am very excited to be a part of The Affordable Mouse team!”

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