Be Our Guest: The Disney Driven Life

The Affordable Mouse is on vacation this week, at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. While I’m gone, I am featuring some of my favorite Disney bloggers, for your reading pleasure. We’ll be back next week with the usual schedule….along with a trip report, pictures, and a few surprises. 🙂 Until then, enjoy today’s Guest Blog!

Today’s guest blog is The Disney Driven Life, a special favorite of mine, and probably everyone else with a Disney obsession. Something about Disney seems to create a special, oh I don’t know, maybe “obsession” is too strong a word…..but we do tend to get a little fixated. 🙂 J.L. (NDM1) has created a wonderful community of like-minded, “Disney-driven” folks….or as she likes to call them, “Neurotic Disney Individuals”…. who live, eat, sleep, and breathe Disney stuff. It’s awesome, and it is my fondest goal in life to one day be counted as a Neurotic Disney Mom. 🙂

Today, Stuart, aka NDD (Neurotic Disney Dad) #102, discusses how to save by staying off-site, OUT OF THE WORLD SAVINGS:

One of the biggest expenses in a trip to Walt Disney World is your resort room.  Fortunately, it’s also the area where you have the most control over how much you pay.  This makes it especially important to try to save as much as you can here.

Undoubtedly, the way to save the most on your vacation room is to stay off-site.  There are a plethora of hotels, motels, condos, and vacation homes available in the Orlando area.  Because Disney seems to gear its rooms mostly to families of four or smaller, staying off-site can be particularly beneficial for families of five or more.  Staying off-site is also good if you’re planning on seeing some of the other attractions in the Orlando area.  (But who would want to do that?)

You can read the rest here: OUT OF THE WORLD SAVINGS

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