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The Affordable Mouse is on vacation this week, at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. While I’m gone, I am featuring some of my favorite Disney bloggers, for your reading pleasure. We’ll be back next week with the usual schedule….along with a trip report, pictures, and a few surprises. 🙂 Until then, enjoy today’s Guest Blog!

One of my favorite Disney bloggers  is Shannon from Meltdown Free Disney. Shannon, as a special educator, brings a fresh…and much-needed….viewpoint to visiting Disney World. In her words: ” Some families don’t find a week away from home as a “break” at all. In fact, a new setting, challenges in finding medical care, and a change in routine can throw families of children with special needs back because of the meltdowns, financial considerations, and overall stress.”  Shannon’s perspective is always, how to make a Disney vacation stress-free, and well, magical.

I loved today’s post,  From Terrible Twos To Terrific Time To Go for reminding us how great age Two can actually be, in more ways than one:

In my area, you have to get on a waiting list for preschool long before your first sonogram. I made the mistake of waiting until my second trimester to apply for a space, so I had a lovely wait list letter to start off my baby book.  Kept it, and made a note of how he had managed his first hurdle before he was born.

When people say their kids are not ready for Disney, my perspective is skewed. I want to ask why they are waiting for the baby to be born, or something, because I can think of any reason to bring a little one-a very little one!  We had a “babymoon” vacation in Italy, and being able to indulge in naps and desserts without apologizing was pretty amazing.

What people really mean is that they would rather not deal with diapers, tantrums, strollers, and short term memories on a vacation for which they may pay, well, a lot of money.

Here are a few reasons to reconsider, assuming you will be planning a few months in advance. The child before you with the baby bottle and teething ring could, in six months, be speaking in simpler sentences, and managing pull ups by the time you enter The Magic Kingdom.

You can read the rest here: From Terrible Twos To Terrific Time To Go

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