Affordable Disney Vacations Step by Step. Part Six: Hotel or Rental Property?

This is part six in my blog series: Affordable Disney Vacations Step by Step. You can read the rest of the posts here.

I get many questions from people who are thinking about visiting Walt Disney World and want Disney World vacation tips and suggestions. Disney vacation planning can be very involved and confusing as well, so the goal of this series is to start at the beginning, and look at everything you need to think about, in the general order you need to think about it. Each week’s post will be numbered and will eventually link to all the others so that, when complete, you will have a guide with all the steps and information you need to plan your own Disney magic.

u11301168In the last post, we discussed some of the things that will have an impact on where you stay while at Disney World. Today we are going to look at an increasingly popular option for affordable Disney vacations: Disney World vacation homes and Disney World condos.

Why might this be a good option for you?

To begin with, this option will probably have a lot more space for your family, and for many families this is an important factor, and can very likely be a cost savings, since family size for many folks means multiple hotel rooms. With a vacation home or condo rental however, you will be able to sleep anywhere from 4 to 16 people comfortably. More space, and the same or less money than a hotel room means a better overall value.

Another potentially huge cost savings will be having access to a kitchen….along with everything you could possibly need including, dishes, pots and pans, glasses, coffee pot, can opener, bake wear, and a whole lot more. Being able to easily prepare and eat in for some meals can be a huge cost savings for your vacation since you can make meals and snacks at a fraction of what you would pay at the theme parks.

There is an additional “hidden” benefit as well that is perhaps overlooked at first…but truly appreciated by those who choose this option…the privacy/relaxation factor. What? Relax on a Disney vacation? Yup! Many rental properties are located in gated communities, and so they have this secluded “get away from it all” feeling that you just cannot find at a Disney resort property or really any hotel/motel property for that matter. You can relax and unwind in your personal pool or spa, take advantage of your home’s theatre, or play video games in the game room…for as long as you like, at no additional cost.

You will find that there are many vacation rental options that are close to Disney World, ranging from small condos to large houses that can accommodate multiple families. They will all be fully furnished and most have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, again making for a much more comfortable vacation stay than the average hotel room. Linens are usually provided, along with a starter supply of paper and other basics. A home away from home so to speak.

I always advise anyone planning a Disney World vacation to consider renting a Disney World vacation home or condo. Take a look at the options and see if any are right for your family.

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