Affordable Disney Vacations Step by Step. Final Thoughts: Keeping the Magic Alive

This is the final post in my blog series: Affordable Disney Vacations Step by Step. You can read the rest of the posts here.

I get many questions from people who are thinking about visiting Walt Disney World and want Disney World vacation tips and suggestions. Disney vacation planning can be very involved and confusing as well, so the goal of this series is to start at the beginning, and look at everything you need to think about, in the general order you need to think about it. Each week’s post will be numbered and link to all the others so that, when complete, you will have a guide with all the steps and information you need to plan your own Disney magic.

Well, you’re back home. Hope you had a wonderful time and if you are like we are, you are already thinking about your next trip… 🙂

Once your trip is over, we’re not technically talking about planning an affordable Disney vacation, but most folk return from a magical trip and want to “keep the magic going”. With that in mind, what are some affordable ways to do that?

Well, let’s talk about all those pictures you took to start. 🙂

Don’t just upload them to your computer and leave them there! And don’t print them all out and then keep them in a shoebox!

Pick out your favorites and create “photo” gifts for your family or yourself! Calendars, mugs, mousepads and more can create smiles pics from Melissa 809 685for your loved ones for a long time. My personal favorite: slideshows of my favorite pictures become my computer’s screensavers and remind me of wonderful vacations every time my computer goes to sleep.

And don’t forget to frame a few of your favorite pictures too! I have a line up on my mantel from each of our family trips to Disney World and it is so special to see how we have all changed over the years…especially our daughter.

Have you ever thought of creating a scrapbook? While this can be an expensive and detailed hobby, it does not have to be. In fact, it can be as simple as you like. Collect “things” from your trip: park passes, maps, room keys, confetti, napkins, you name it! Be creative. Add some character autographs and your favorite pictures, jot down some of your best memories, and voila! A treasured memory book that you can look at time and time again to relive your wonderful Walt Disney World vacation.

Then there are your videos. One of the more fun things we have done, is to schedule a video night…but instead of renting a movie, we watch our vacation. Pop popcorn, make a night of it reliving the Disney fun. We have shared so many laughs remembering fun Disney World times!

Lastly, I also like to keep the magic alive with music. I tend to buy CDs of park music while I am there, but you can also download Disney music from iTunes, or buy the songs when listening to a Disney podcast or streaming webcast. Burn a CD of your favorites, and you can visit the parks any time you want…even when sitting in a traffic jam!

I hope you have found this series on all the steps in planning an affordable Disney vacation to be helpful! As always, please let me know if you have any questions, as I am happy to help!

Have a magical day!

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