Affordable Disney Vacation Souvenirs: Making Photo Memories

Continuing our discussion of affordable Disney vacation souvenirs, today I want to talk about pictures. Because the photos OrlandoJan08and9 227that you take at Walt Disney World can form the basis for the most special souvenirs that you have. Photos capture memories…and those are truly priceless.

Anyone who visits my home knows within the first 90 seconds that I am picture obsessed. We have photos everywhere….and a significant majority chronicle our Disney vacations. (So that would probably be the second thing that a visitor to my house would learn quickly….that I am Disney obsessed too. 🙂  )

So if you are like me, and love the idea of having your Disney photos be a big part of your souvenirs, then read on for some tips on how to keep those photo memories affordable.

Basically, there are 3 types of photos you will probably be involved with at Disney World: the ones you take, the ones the Photopass photographers take, and the ones that are taken when you go on certain rides.

Tips for Taking Your Own Pictures Affordably

Let’s start with your own pictures. Most people arrive at Disney World, especially on their first visit, with the plan to take lots of pictures. And if you are the way we were on our first trip, we did just that….hundreds in fact. Taking your own pictures is very affordable….provided you do a little planning. The single most important thing you can do here is to be sure to have enough storage chips, and/or a way to download your pictures if you use up your camera’s memory…which you will. And the second thing is to make sure you have extra batteries or rechargeable batteries and a battery charger….and then remember to use the battery charger!

(Trust me on all of these, because I speak from experience. I once missed a picture of my daughter being invited to join the Tapestry of Nations parade by one of the castmembers….because my camera battery chose to die right then and there.)

The thing is, if you want to keep your costs down, you do not want to buy these items at Disney World…because they are a lot more expensive there than at home.

And for making special photo memories, watch for the “Kodak spots” throughout the parks. These are places that are set up for the perfect picture background: be sure to use them! 🙂

Use Photopass for Great Pictures

Now let’s talk about the Photopass photographers. These are the Disney photographers that are around all the parks, ready and waiting to take your picture. They are wonderful folks who specialize in preserving those Disney memories. There is no charge for having your picture taken by a Photopass photographer: you don’t pay until you order prints or a CD with all of your pictures on them. The friendly Photopass folks will also typically be at character appearances, and some restaurants and resorts as well.

I recommend using Photopass as much as possible, because these professionals will take great pictures for you! When you go to the Photopass website later, where you will input your Photopass card number, you will see all of your pictures…and that there are all kinds of great souvenirs that you can have made with your pictures. Just make sure you don’t get carried away with ordering!

It is so nice to have these special pictures done because they become the “formal” pictures I have framed… plus they usually are the only ones with me in them, because I am busy taking all the others. 🙂

Now keep in mind, if you see a great photo opportunity (especially if you are seeing a character) and you want a family photo with everyone, but you DON’T want a Photopass picture…simply give your camera to the photographer, and they will happily take your picture with your camera. No cost there to you at all!

Be Sure to Smile Going Down Splash Mountain

As to ride pictures? These will be taken on most of the “thrill” rides and are always fun to see afterwards. We have gotten a few over the years, but be forewarned…they are not cheap. However, it is kind of fun to see what you look like going down Splash Mountain…so it just might be worth it to you to splurge a little to preserve THAT memory! 🙂

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