Affordable Disney? All You Have to do is Plan to Plan!!

Let me start by saying that my family and I looove Walt Disney World! Learning about Disney is one of my favorite hobbies. Traveling to the World is another. In fact, my husband teases me that I am always happiest when I am planning a Disney World vacation. True that!

BUT, and this is a biggie for us, and probably for most of you: a Disney World vacation is not cheap……..or can it be?? Turns out that, while yes, there are a lot of expenses associated with a Disney vacation, it IS possible to have an affordable Disney family vacation.

In over 10 years of Disney visits, I can honestly say that the best way to plan a Disney vacation….especially if you want to save money….is to PLAN to plan! Sounds crazy, but let me explain.

A vacation to Walt Disney World is truly like no other. Amazing, overwhelming, exhausting, exhilarating, you name it. But to enjoy it, and not be overwhelmed BY it, you need to do some research. Do some reading. Compare costs. PLAN to plan! Can you just throw it all together, show up at the parks and go? Sure you can! Is your family likely to get frustrated and cranky? And will you be likely to pay a lot more for your Disney vacation by just throwing it all together and hoping for the best? ABSOLUTELY! I have seen it time and again, and I have heard “trip reports” from people who visit Disney just like this. What do they say when they return? “Spent a fortune”. “Not worth it”. “Never again”.

OK, so what do we do that they don’t? We PLAN to plan! You see, we love visiting Disney World way too much to only go every 5 or 6 years! So, in order to “feed our habit”, we have to plan a discount Disney family vacation. If it’s too expensive, we don’t go. We want to go. So I have learned a lot of amazing, cost-cutting tips, as well as some fabulous “insider” information that has gone a long way in helping us to save money on our Disney World trips. The Affordable Mouse is a resource that I have created to be a source of great information for planning a magical Disney World vacation…affordably. I have learned a lot over the years, and am so happy to be able to share what I have learned with others. Kind of spreading my own little version of “pixie dust” you might say! 🙂

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