A Very Special Announcement

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” ~ Walt Disney

Walt Disney believed in dreams. In fact, he believed so much in dreams that his vision for Disneyland completely altered what a “family vacation” means to millions. And of course, those dreams of his have been the inspiration for countless others, who have dreams of their own and then follow Walt’s example to make those dreams come true.

I too, had a dream, back in 2009 when The Affordable Mouse was born. I wanted a way to share with folks that a Disney vacation could be more than a dream, that it could be an affordable and stress-free reality. Over time, my little blog and website grew and grew and grew, and before I knew it, my dreams led me to become a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations. Doing this has been a wonderful way for me to help families make their Disney vacation dreams come true and I truly feel blessed to have played a role in helping hundreds of my Guests create magical memories with their families!

Of course, dreams have a way of giving birth to new dreams and I am no different. 🙂 It has long been a dream of mine to be able to grow The Affordable Mouse to include a team of other travel agents…folks who share my passion for helping families make their Disney vacation dreams come true.

I am thrilled to announce today that this dream has now come true.

It is my great honor to introduce to you, my new team of travel agents for The Affordable Mouse! Working along with me, as agents of MMP Travel, a full service travel agency, they are all committed, as I am, to making sure that our Guests have the Disney vacation that they are dreaming of. With years of experience and countless trips planning Disney magic for their own families and friends, I am privileged to have such a dedicated group of agents sharing my vision and dreams at The Affordable Mouse!

And with the wonderful support and opportunities that MMP Travel provides us, we are all truly excited to have the chance to grow and learn more, and ultimately offer our Guests more, helping more families plan the vacation of their dreams.

Meet our new team of agents at The Affordable Mouse: Elizabeth Perry, Julie and Henry Muniz, and Kenny Bogle! And please do not hesitate to contact any of them, as you would me, with your Disney vacation planning questions. All of us are always happy to help and look forward to helping you make your Disney vacation dreams come true!

(If you are interested in joining The Affordable Mouse team of travel agents, please contact me for more information!)

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4 Responses to A Very Special Announcement

  1. Kelly Ortiz says:

    So happy for you Nancy. All of the hard work and dedication has paid off..very well-deserved. Hugs!

  2. Debbie says:

    So happy for you Nancy! Lots of Magical HUGS!

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