Wordless Wednesday: Still the Living Seas…..

Yes I know it’s  actually The Seas with Nemo and Friends now. And yes, I love Finding Nemo, and I love meeting Crush inside and hearing what he has to say. I even like the “clamobile” that you have to ride to get into this attraction…it’s fun and sweet as everyone tries to “find Nemo” as you ride along.

But honestly, to me, this will always be the Living Seas. This attraction was, from the very start, all about the beauty, wonder and majesty of the Earth’s oceans. And although no disrespect is meant to Nemo, Dory, Crush and friends, our Seas live in a way that is truly amazing, and so for me, there could be no better name for this fascinating pavilion than the Living Seas.

No matter what you call it though….be sure to visit it! (And say “hi” to Nemo and friends for me when you’re there!)

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