Wordless Wednesday: Park Maps

Animal Kingdom is a beautiful park with a lot to see. Park maps are available but sometimes it can be more enjoyable spending the day wandering instead of constantly looking at a map. This is just my opinion though, what do you think about wandering without a map in hand?

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Karen grew up in the Boston area and traveled to Disney World many times with her parents and sister. Always staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins gave the trips a feeling of a home away from home. It also started the tradition of attending the Hoop Dee Doo Review on each trip! Somehow that show sparked her interest in the Disney College Program. Which she did in the fall of 2002, working as a hostess @ Captain Jacks in Downtown Disney. Now as an adult, Karen finds herself traveling to the parks on a yearly basis! Photography has always been a hobby of Karen’s, but over the past few years it has become her passion. It’s even taken her to her favorite place! The Make a Wish Foundation sent a family to Disney for a week and Karen was lucky enough to be their photographer of choice! She got to tag along and photograph their memories being made. She hopes to get that experience again someday! You can find more of Karen’s photography on her site www.KPportraits.com.

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4 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Park Maps

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  2. bagsRpacked says:

    We don’t use maps. We study map at resort. Pick out what we want to do and see. We usually take one side of the parks at a time per day. If there is a ride we want to ride we go there first. When we are eating dinner, out by the pool are, resting in the room is when we are planning. Or usually one of us will do it. We write it down. then read list. If we remember it then we really wanted to do it.
    We are thinking about going in September to Disneyworld. Has anyone been that month. Does it rain more then in the summe?

  3. Karen says:

    Sounds like a great plan to write things down while your resting. I’ve been to the parks in September and it’s amazing how empty they seem! One year we did get stuck in our room because of a hurricane. Still a great month to go in my opinion!

  4. debora says:

    We love to go in September!!! Its our favorite time to go…the weather is hot but not sweltering, and the crowds are lower. One time we thought the park had closed early because it was so empty. There was only like 50people in all of fantasy land… Great night. Rooms are cheaper usually too. Have a great time!

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