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How do you feel about hot weather? How do you feel about touring theme parks in hot weather? And how do you have a magical vacation when the heat index is approaching 100? My post over at Chip and Co. today talks about all of that and more. We’ve visited Disney World several times during the summer months, so have developed some strategies for staying cool…or as cool as possible:

With the arrival of summer, vacation season begins and many families will be visiting Walt Disney World. While a Disney vacation is a special one, visiting central Florida in the hottest part of summer will require some planning if you want this to be a magical vacation…and not a miserable one. So let’s talk about some ways to stay cool if you will be traveling to Disney World this summer.

Keeping in mind that everyone’s definition of “hot” differs, let me give you a frame of reference if you have never been to Disney World in the summer. I am a warm-weather lover. In fact, I am actually a hot-weather lover. Summer is by far my favorite time of the year, and I am happiest when temperatures are well into the 80s. So if I say that it is too hot for me….well you get the picture, right?

You can read the rest of the article here. Come on over to join us today, we’ll be looking for you!

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