Thrifty Thursday: When is the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World?

photoNow that we have spent a few weeks thinking about our Disney vacation budget, and starting to save, the next thing that will probably affect the cost of your trip is when you actually go. So let’s chat about that today.

Deciding on the time of year for your visit to Walt Disney World affects everything else about your Disney vacation, including cost. Certain seasons are just more expensive than others. And if you have school-age children, like the majority of families that visit Walt Disney World, then traveling during school vacations is often a necessity.

Not surprisingly then, any time children are out of school……summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years, and spring/Easter breaks……are the most expensive, and the busiest times to visit. If you simply must travel during those peak times, then you must be prepared for resort accommodations to be more expensive than they would during other non-peak times of the year. And while Disney may offer some discounts during those peak times, you should also expect that there will be black out dates where no discounts will be available. So again, you’ll pay more to go during some of those holiday/peak times of the year.

And since time is money, crowd levels are important to consider as well, as they can dramatically affect the enjoyment of a Disney World vacation. If you hate crowds, and don’t like standing in line, do not plan a visit during peak times. It is a surefire recipe for a miserable, rather than magical vacation!

Don’t overlook the weather factor. Most people are well aware of how hot and humid Florida can be in the summer: if you are visiting Disney World during this time of year, be prepared to go early, take mid-day breaks, and relax in the pool in the afternoon. This is the time of the year where you may want your vacation to include time for some breaks….meaning maybe adding an extra day or so to your trip to allow time to relax and recharge after all that heat. And if you just can’t handle heat and humidity at all, choose another season to go. Winter months, on the other hand, can be very unpredictable: a glorious and sunny day in the 70s one day, and 30s at night the next. Visiting during the winter requires a different kind of pre-planning, with special attention paid to packing wisely before you leave home! Again, from a cost/budget point of view: you don’t want to be spending valuable souvenir money on hats, scarves and gloves!

Walt Disney World is magical all year long, but deciding when you go will play a big part in how much you spend!

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