Thrifty Thursday: Tips for a Disney Vacation Road Trip

photoAre you considering driving to Walt Disney World? While many folks may dread the idea of traveling long distances with their family, there can be a number of reasons why this might be the right option for getting your family to Disney this year.

First of all, you will probably save money. With the price of gas this year, it’s definitely something you will want to at least consider if you are within a reasonable driving distance from Florida. Still, if you absolutely want to go the cheapest way, you should still compute the cost of gas (and possibly a night or two in a motel along the way) vs. the cost of airfare. Depending on where you live, time of year, airlines available to you locally, and airfare sales, it is certainly possible that you could fly cheaper. But most of the time, especially if you have a large family, driving will save you money.

And not just on the gas vs. plane tickets issue will you save money: by driving, you will have your car available, so no need for a rental car if you were considering getting one…and there can be some benefits to having your car with you. Having your car will allow you to pack things like food, snacks, water, and pretty much anything else you can think of. With the food and water especially, it will be a savings for you to bring them from home, especially since bringing snacks will save you money in the parks. And if you are bringing little ones, bringing your own stroller will save you the cost of renting one while at Walt Disney World.

So, you may (and probably will) save money. But what about your sanity? Road trips are not always for the faint of heart. 🙂 So what are some ways to make this drive a pleasant “family time”? Planning dear friends, planning! Plan ahead for activities: Put together “travel bags” with different games for the kids. Many folks bring out a new item every hundred miles or so, it gives everyone something to look forward to. Downloading movies on your tablet can be a godsend for keeping little ones entertained: see how many Disney movies you can watch on the way! Plan frequent stops to stretch legs and let off some energy. Play “road games”. For older kids, bring along audio books, as this can be a great way to pass time (for everyone) much faster than you realize.

Driving to Walt Disney World can present some challenges, but it can definitely be a way to save money and have some fun family bonding time as well. Really. 🙂

Happy travels!

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