Thrifty Thursday: Save Time With Child Swap

You’ve heard me say this for several weeks now: “Time is Money” so when it comes to getting the most value for your Disney vacation dollars, making the most of your time is super important. Which is where the “Child Swap” option can be really helpful.

What is Child Swap?

Despite what you may be thinking, Child Swap does¬†NOT give you the ability to trade your kids for someone else’s kids. ūüôā Child Swap is a program that allows people in your group to ride an attraction, such as the more thrilling rides while an adult stays back with those that are too small to enjoy the attraction. Once the first adult or group of adults¬†has experienced the attraction, then the second person/group¬†that stayed off can now enjoy the attraction while the original rider(s) stay¬†back with the non-riders.

How do you use Child Swap?

To use Child Swap, you must¬†let the Cast Member at the entrance to the attraction¬†know that you want to use the Child Swap system. The Cast Members are very familiar with the program and will be happy to assist you with it. They will need to see the people in your party that are staying off the attraction. You will then be given a Child Swap ticket¬†to use for the “swap”.¬†Each Child Swap ticket is good for up to 3 people, this is so that nobody has to go alone. You can even take a rider from the first group on the attraction again for double the fun!

While you may not see Child Swap advertised, do not be afraid to ask about it at each attraction. The Cast Members at Disney World are ready and willing to help you use Child Swap to enjoy some of the more thrilling attractions even if you have little ones.

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