Terrific Tuesdays: The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a beautiful pavilion where you can take as much or as little time as you would like to explore. This take-at-your-own-pace land has one of the largest aquariums around – it is large enough to hold Spaceship Earth! And if you have ever stood underneath Spaceship Earth, you will get a rough idea of just how large The Seas is!

As you enter Living with the Seas, you can ride the clammobile, where you will try to find Nemo. There are several hands-on attractions once you exit your clammobile. You will find games to test your knowledge of sea life in the room full of smaller saltwater aquariums. These games are designed for young and old alike. Who knows, you may exit with a little more knowledge on how our life-styles are affecting this world’s oceans.

Next door to the small aquariums are the manatees. These larger than life sea creatures are a sight to behold as they lazily float around their aquarium eating lettuce. Both the manatees have been rescued from boating accidents or caught in netting. This is a great example of the research and rehabilitation that Walt Disney World is doing to help make our world and our oceans a better place.

While you’re visiting The Seas, don’t forget to stop by Turtle Talk with Crush. Here you will have the chance to hear directly from Crush, Dory and friends as they share what life it like in the seas. This interactive show is different every time, as Crush responds to questions from the youngest Guests…..and you just never know what he (or the Guests) will say! 🙂

How much time do you spend in The Seas with Nemo & Friends? Have you found Nemo?

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Debbie and her husband live in Collegedale, TN where her youngest son is going to college. She is a huge Disney fan who dreams of someday retiring and working as a tour guide at Walt Disney World. She has enjoyed many trips to WDW with children, grandchildren and sometimes adults only. It is her ultimate goal to make sure everyone who visits WDW has the same magical time that she enjoys every time she visits.

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