Terrific Tuesdays: Test Track Fun

At almost a mile long, with peak speeds of 65 mph, Test Track Presented by Chevrolet at Epcot is a thrilling ride you’ll want to experience again and again! But don’t take my word for it! 🙂 

While the ride itself is fun, it’s what you do in the queue while you wait that makes this attraction even more fun! As you move your way through the queue you will enter the Design Studio. Here you will be able to design a virtual concept vehicle. The vehicle will be tested using these four criteria: capability, responsiveness, efficiency and power. As you add different extras to your vehicle, your rating numbers will change up and down. After your vehicle is designed you will continue on to the testing area.

During the test drive you will see how your concept vehicle performs. There are charts on the test drive with the results of it’s performance. The last test is my favorite, the speed test. The track is almost a mile long with top speeds of about 65 mph. The fastest speed we have ever reached is 65.8 mph.

Once you are finished with your test drive the ride is not over. There are numerous interactive exhibits that can include your vehicle. You can check your test results compared to other concept cars. There is an area to make a commercial for your vehicle. You can even create a free digital photo that is emailed to you of you and your concept car in front of various backgrounds.

Creating your “ideal” vehicle and then driving it at high speeds to see it perform….what could be more fun?!

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