Terrific Tuesdays: Spinning with Buzz Lightyear’s Space Rangers

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Sping is a shooting gallery type game where you defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg. The ride vehicles, called Space Cruisers, have two laser beam blasters in them. You are to hit “Z” shaped targets to earn points. At the end of your ride there is a status board where you earn a rank based on your score. The highest rank possible is Galactic Hero with 999,999 points. If your family is competitive this is the attraction for you! Especially after reading these hints on how to become a Galatic Hero…..

Beware there are spoilers coming up. If you would rather just give it a shot on your own I suggest you stop reading now. On the other hand, if you want to impress your kids and get a free souvenir button, continue reading. The first thing to do is check and see where your laser beam shoots. I personally put my hand in front of the beam to see if it is shooting straight. As you enter the first room you will see a big reddish orange robot to your left. The inside of the second or left hand of the robot has a target worth 100,000 points. After you hit the robot’s hand spin your Space Cruiser around to aim at the claw near the top of the ceiling on the right. Each time that you successfully hit that you will earn 100,000 points as well. I have never reached Galactic Hero in the first room. With these two targets, it is possible.

The second room is full of aliens with an abundance of targets. Your best bet is to aim at the volcano against the back wall. Hitting the top target is worth 50,000 points. There is a spinning band of white with targets toward the exit of the room near the ceiling. I have been told those targets are worth 50,000 points. However I have never been able to hit them and confirm that.

The next room has targets located on batteries to your left. The targets toward the bottom are worth 50,000 points. Shortly after that, in order to take your picture, your Space Cruiser is turned to face Zurg on your right. There is one more 100,000 point target at the bottom of his space ship. This target is difficult to hit when you are close to him. The further away you are, coming or going, it is easier to hit.

The next area is dark with no targets. If you continuously shoot at nothing you can usually rack up a few hundred more points. The final shooting area has Zurg in his ship flying side to side on the ceiling and walls. There are targets on the ship but because he moves so fast I don’t think I have ever hit them.

Hopefully with these hints you are able to reach the rank of Galactic Hero. Be sure and tell a cast member at the ride photo area if you did, and they will give you a free souvenir button to celebrate your accomplishment. There is a fast pass offered for this attraction although the standby line is often relatively short. I personally would not choose to use it as one of my first three fast pass attractions.

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