Terrific Tuesdays: Getting Soaked with Casey Jr.

 Throughout the parks and Disney Springs, you will see kids running through small fountains that Disney built into the ground.  Disney has always had fun with water play, but nothing quite like the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak station.

The Casey Jr. Soak Station is an amazing attraction for kids of all ages, especially on a HOT Disney day!  This attraction in the “new” Fantasyland area, is based on the train Casey Jr. from the movie Dumbo.  There is a train that lets off “steam”, as well as animals coming out of all the cars that spray water on the kids playing. 

This attraction is located near the train station in the Storybook Circus area of the Fantasyland Expansion.  There are benches nearby for parents to rest on, and the ground appears to be some type of safety material that will not hurt your feet if you run through it barefoot, but does not get slippery (or too much so).  The whole area is designed like a round house, and makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into the movie.  Each train car is numbered with a number corresponding to one of the park’s opening years: Magic Kingdom (71), Epcot (82), MGM (Hollywood Studios, 89), and Animal Kingdom (98).

My almost-three-year-old son had such a great time in this, I could hardly tear him away after half an hour of playing in the spray.  Hint – if you intend to stop by this (and you should), take a spare change of clothes or a bathing suit for your kids to run around in.  Because they will be S-O-A-K-E-D after leaving it.  But they will have huge grins on their faces (and will nap well that afternoon!).  And if you are sitting on the perimeter areas to watch, check to make sure there is no water in the area.  If there is, you will most likely get sprayed too!  If you do happen to forget to pack necessities, there is a railroad mercantile nearby that sells sunscreen, towels, hats, and water shoes.  However, it does not sell swimsuits, so if you don’t bring a spare change of clothes, you may have to pop into a nearby gift shop and buy a spare outfit.


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Nicole is a more recent convert to Disney, and has her husband Corey to thank. As a kid, she went a couple of times and had fun, but didn’t really catch the “Disney bug” until her husband finally convinced her to go in March of 2003. Since then, she goes every opportunity she can, and every time finds something new to explore! She’s a proud Disney Vacation Club owner and mother of two Disneyphiles – ages 5 (Maggie) and 2 (Max). She helps friends and family to plan Disney vacations all year round, and when she can’t be at Disney, she surrounds herself with it. Her house and office have plenty of pictures and souvenirs covering them, so she’s never far away from the magic!

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