Terrific Tuesday: Top Ten Most Fun Things at Disney World – Number 5: Biergarten

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Of course we all love food.  So, it wasn’t a surprise to me that we had at least one restaurant on my kids’ top 10 most fun things to do at Walt Disney World.  Number 5 is dining at the Biergarten, which is located in the Germany Pavilion. 

I made our ADR several months ahead of time, and one of the main reasons I chose this restaurant was for my father.  He was stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War and I have often heard him talk about schnitzel and other famous foods of Germany and how he would love to go back.  I always try to pick at least one restaurant for each member of our party (usually 7 of us).

While I don’t want to sound like I am anti- Biergarten, unfortunately our experience didn’t start on the right foot, as we had to wait almost 45 minutes after arriving for our ADR before we were seated. Since this was a problem with my father who was a diabetic, it was definitely a rough start: we waited so long we had to get my dad a snack at a nearby stand….at least we were there during Food and Wine Festival!

But for the dining experience….once we were seated our hostess was great! Since our party was large, we were seated at our own table instead of a communal one with other families.  I think the first thing you notice, after the noise, is that you are surrounded by houses that resemble a small German village.  After the awe of the décor you head to the huge buffet offering everything from various German style potato salads, slaws and soups for starters to chicken schnitzel, roasted pork and sauerkraut, potato dumplings and spaetzel for your entree choices.  The desserts here were fabulous.  They offered apple strudel, Bavarian cheesecake and even fresh fruit. 

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I was really happy to see my kids try and enjoy so many of the different foods available.  My dad really enjoyed the food, too.   I think what the kids enjoyed the most was the dancing and the music.  Zachary described it as good food and great entertainment.  With our reservations being quite late in the evening we got in just to see then end of the show, but the kids did make it out to the dance floor for a few minutes.  It was neat to see the band in authentic lederhosen singing and playing instruments. 

The atmosphere at any Disney restaurant can’t be horrible and once inside we really enjoyed everything.   While our celebrations weren’t acknowledged at this restaurant which was a little disappointing, we all loved the food and the atmosphere….and it IS my kids’ #5 most fun thing at Walt Disney World!

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Shannan is a mom that was born and raised in rural Tennessee. She tells us: “I live with my husband and 3 of our 5 children. Travis is 24 and is father to my grandbabies, Emma and baby Judson. I can’t wait to start sharing Disney with them. Dusty is 22, Clay 12, Zachary 10 and Erin is 8. I clean houses to make money to fund my magical trips. I went to Disney the first time as a teen and couldn’t wait to start introducing my own children to the magic. We took our 3 youngest in 2004 and that started it all. We have been 3 times since then and have our first Christmas trip planned for this December. Usually my parents accompany us on the trip and I have to research and plan for things that will suit various ages in our party of 7. Each time I go, I try new experiences in lodging and dining so I can share it with friends and family that seek my advice on trip planning! Disney is definitely my first choice in vacation destinations. Hopefully there is a Disney surf and turf vacation in our future!“

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