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Disney with Special Needs: Holidays at Disney Prep – Part Two

Disney with Special Needs: Holidays at Disney Prep - Part Two

It is only 5 months until I check in to Disney for Thanksgiving and there is still so much planning to do. So. Much. Planning.

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Disney World Deliciousness: Casey's Corner

If you are in the mood for a GREAT hot dog while at Walt Disney World, then Casey’s Corner is the place for you!! This fun, baseball themed quick service restaurant is located in the Magic Kingdom right on Main Street U.S.A with a perfect view of Cinderella Castle as ...

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Terrific Tuesdays: Cruising with Disney

I've said on a number of occasions that I think a Disney cruise vacation is one of the best vacations there is. Combining the Disney service and special touches with an all inclusive vacation is pretty magical.

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Thrifty Thursday: Flying to Disney with Help From Twitter

The only thing between me and a visit to Disney World is usually airfare. With the rising cost of fuel, cheap tickets are harder to find, but it’s not impossible! Here are some tips for finding prices that won’t break the bank on my favorite social network: Twitter.

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Disney with Special Needs: The World at the Holidays Prep - Part One

We’ve done a few trips in early December and know that we love the Christmas celebrations, so we thought that this year it might be fun to be super thankful for being able to be together in the World right then on Thanksgiving.

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Wordless Wednesday: Animal Kingdom Entertainment

There is a lot to see and do in Animal Kingdom these days with the opening of Pandora - The World of Avatar, but while visiting this beautiful park, keep in an eye out for the "entertainment" too!

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Wordless Wednesday: Main Street Trolley

Most people when arriving at Magic Kingdom, stop to take pictures of the castle and then start walking to their first destination. But why not take a few minutes and take the trolley up Main Street instead? While they usually run mostly in the morning (before the park gets too ...

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Terrific Tuesdays: Taking Grandchildren to Walt Disney World

I started something years ago and after several years between, was able to continue last year - taking grandchildren on a trip to Walt Disney World.

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Disney with Special Needs: They See Me Rollin’…or Monorailin’…or Floatin’

The Disney transportation system is of the ways that Disney World speaks to my soul – I never, ever, ever have to worry about how I am going to get from place to place. Continue reading

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Thrifty Thursday: Transportation Time

I am always excited to plan a new Disney itinerary. I love planning the rides I want to visit and which FastPasses to choose, but there are some items very important to itinerary planning that do not always come to mind first. Always consider how transportation time is going to impact your itinerary, whether you are renting a car or using Disney transportation. Continue reading

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Tuesday Disney Tips: Getting Around at Walt Disney World

People generally like to know where they are going, how they will get there and how long their journey will take. Planning your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort is no exception. With all Disney has to offer, there are so many different choices of where you will stay, play, and dine that you can be doing something different from every other visitor during each day of your trip. When planning a Walt Disney World itinerary, one of the most confusing topics seems to be how we will get around the resort area in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Continue reading

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