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As an avid Walt Disney World fan and frequent visitor I am always thinking about everything Disney World!!  While I was doing a little Disney research a while back I stumbled upon some questions in a forum and they made me think . On a daily basis I am seeing hundreds of opinions from various Disney fans on every topic under the sun; restaurant thoughts, best snack options, best ride for x age, what time to hit what ride and so on and so forth.  One thing that I notice is that we all look at Walt Disney World through very different eyes and what one may think is simply splendid, another may think is not so great!  This very reason is why I believe that there is truly something for everyone at Walt Disney World!

So here are some Disney thoughts for you….

  • What WDW attraction most let you down?

While I have to preface this by saying that anything at Disney is awesome!! But I have to go with Stitch’s Great Escape. There was nothing more thrilling than Alien Encounter; I wish that it was still at the parks so that I could have experienced it with my husband because he would have LOVED it!!  After riding it several times after it opened, I spent the next few years not riding Stitch’s Great Escape just because I felt that it was subpar. In October of 2010 I decided to give it a try with my family and thought that maybe I would see something in it that I missed before….let’s just say that did not happen. :0

  • What attraction has grown on you over the years?

The Great Movie Ride is one of my all time favorite rides at Walt Disney World! No trip would be complete without a ride on it. Looking back to when I was younger, I was not into movies the way I am now, I never had a true appreciation for film and actors.  My husband is a movie junkie and has exposed me to various genres and I can say that now, I am somewhat of a movie buff. When I factor in the past to now I can understand why at a time in my life I may not have enjoyed The Great Movie Ride quite as much as I do now.  One of the best parts is riding twice, once with the gangster scene and the other with the cowboy scene.

  • What attraction most exceeded your expectations?

This is a tough one because all of the attractions blow me away!  For this I am going to choose Tower of Terror.  I have to say that it took me years to actually go on this ride and when I did, I was terrified! Tower of Terror has the whole package, the building is amazing and full of fun facts, the cast members are in full character, the queue makes you feel like you stepped back in time, and the ride itself is like nothing you can ever imagine. What I love about it is, my whole family can go on together, act goofy, get a thrill and even get a picture. I was completely blown away when I first went on Tower of Terror when I saw that the drops are way less intense than I had anticipated. This is a Disney must do in my book.

  • What Disney attraction do you have a special appreciation for and why?

I am sure that as I change and as my kids change this answer will change. But for today, right now, the attraction that I have a very special appreciation for is,  Tomorrowland Indy Speedway. Now you may be thinking that is random…but here is the story. A few years ago while at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, we were roaming around with 2 of our three children. We found ourselves waiting in line for Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, I have to admit, this is an attraction that I never paid any attention to and never cared for. But something magical happened that never happened before (at least not to us). While we were riding Tomorrowland Indy Speedway the Happy HalloWishes fireworks began. We were able to watch the fireworks on the ride and our kids were laughing hysterically! It was one of the best times I have ever had. Fast forward to October 2010, we were at Disney World with my family of 5, my mother in law, and brother in law. This was Lucas’ first time ever going on Tomorrowland Indy Speedway. He absolutely LOVED the ride. To hear a 2 year old talk about an attraction months after you get home is priceless in my book.  While my reasons are simple…they are the reasons that I continue to go back to Walt Disney World.

I encourage you to take the time to think about these questions for yourself ….you might be amazed at what you learn about you and your love of Walt Disney World.

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Kelly, her husband, and three children live in the Chicagoland area. Kelly has been traveling to Walt Disney World since the age of two. She considers Walt Disney World to be her primary vacation destination. With 20 plus trips under her belt she still enjoys researching and learning new things about the most magical place on earth! Kelly began Disney Guru in August of 2010 with the vision of sharing fun vacation tips and magic with all fans of Disney World.

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3 Responses to Simple Disney World Thoughts

  1. Bird says:

    I’ve ridden the Great Movie Ride a few times now and still haven’t ever caught the cowboy scene. I always get the gangster scene. It was the same gangster both trips, too!

    Kelly, I so know what you mean about the little things making it so special. It hasn’t quite been months yet, but to hear my little guy still talking about everything in Disney. It’s just been amazing!

    Great post!

  2. Kelly says:

    Bird thank you so much!! That is really what it is all about. Those little moments. :0)

  3. Lauren Cortright says:

    I have the same picture of each of my kids on the bridge of the Speedway, taken on our last trip — just last week!

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