Shhhh, I Have a Disney Secret! It’s Called The Writer’s Stop….

I have mentioned in the past that one of my favorite “hidden” spots at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is The Writer’s Stop….a place that I love to go for a little peace and quiet while at the parks (yes, it IS possible to do that!). At risk of sharing my little secret with the rest of the “world”, and thereby destroying said peace and quiet, I thought I would give you a glimpse today into this little gem…..with the condition that you won’t go and blab about it to thousands of your best friends. We’ll keep it our little secret, ok?? 🙂

So first of all, where is it?

Located on Commissary Lane, right next door to the Sci Fi Dine In, it is actually pretty unobtrusive, which is, I am sure part of the charm…it’s pretty easy to walk right on by and not realize what’s inside. But please DO go inside…and be prepared to stay for a bit!

Themed to be just like your neighborhood coffee/bookstore, The Writer’s Stop actually has an interesting story behind it. You can learn more in this article from Studios Central. It’s not large, but big enough for some comfy chairs, display cases along the walls with books and other Disney “media”, along with some goodies. Plus a TV to entertain the kids while you unwind….

Pull up a chair, and relax for a bit! 🙂

Oh wait….first you might want to get a yummy, little snack. And I use the word “little” rather loosely….. Yummy…..totally. “Little”….not on your life!

In fact, while there are quite a few goodies here (as well as some pretty decent coffee)….there is one item that may be what the Writer’s Stop is most famous for….that delicious, delectable, Disney delicacy, otherwise known as the Carrot Cake Cookie.

Ahhh the Carrot Cake Cookie! Worth visiting the Writer’s Stop for, just to get one! But I bet, if you do stop by for a visit, you’ll be tempted to stay for a while…. 🙂

Just remember what I said, ok? It’s our little secret!

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