Planning a Disney Vacation: Don’t Take My World for It

Editor’s note: I’m on vacation this week, so in my absence I am sharing with you a post that I wrote a while back…with some advice that is, I think, always worth repeating! Enjoy!! ~ Nancy

Chances are you may have noticed that those of us who are travel agents and members of the Disney blogging community tend to preach one thing when it comes to Disney vacations: PLAN! 🙂

Chances are also that you may have noticed that there are quite a few of us “out there” talking about planning Disney vacations. In fact, if you have found this blog, I’m pretty sure you have found other Disney blogs too, in addition to some Disney-oriented message boards, Disney podcasts and assorted other Disney information sites. And that doesn’t even count the many Disney books and magazines out there as well.

We Disney folk sure like to talk Disney don’t we? 🙂

So with all this information that is available when it comes to planning a Disney vacation, chances are you have also noticed that we all have different opinions. About pretty much everything.

For example:

Some folks love Pop Century but others don’t. Some folks swear that staying on Disney property is the best way to go, while others think it’s a waste of money. Some folks wouldn’t be caught dead at Disney World during Christmas week while others are just fine with it. Some folks think Hoop de Doo Review is the best thing ever, while others are not impressed. Some folks think Tower of Terror is the best ride on Disney property while others are, well terrified. 🙂

So who do you listen to?

Well, don’t listen to me. And don’t listen to the other blogs, message boards, websites, podcasts, and books either.

Listen to yourself and the needs of your family. Sure, do your research. Plan. By all means plan! But take what you read or hear……and realize that in many cases it is just someone’s opinion…..and that opinion is based on a lot of things that may apply to that person…but may NOT apply to you!

For example:

Families with young children don’t see things the way that families with teens do. Seniors will have differing opinions than young adults. Some folks are from the northern states where 50 degrees in January is a heat wave….and others are from the south where those same temperatures are cause to break out the scarves and mittens. Some folks are morning people, while others are at their best at night. And so on and so on….

The point is, consider your own background, experiences, needs, likes and dislikes when you are getting advice about planning a Disney vacation, and make decisions that make sense for YOU….not for someone else.

Of course, a travel agent can help you sort through it all and work with you to make sense of everything as it relates to your needs. That’s what we’re here for. 🙂 And our wonderful writers here at The Affordable Mouse all offer fantastic suggestions, tips, and ideas for planning your Disney vacation. So read and listen to what we all have to say….and then decide for yourself what makes the most sense for YOU!

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3 Responses to Planning a Disney Vacation: Don’t Take My World for It

  1. Laurie Smith says:

    I have seen people adamantly push something on others but what you said above is the truth. Tell me why something is good and I will decide if it is right for me. A+

    • Nancy says:

      Thanks Laurie, I’m glad you agree. It’s something that I find frustrating, when I hear people say “Oh everyone says ______________is awful”… because no matter what it is, there are always going to be others that like it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Gaylin says:

    When I am at WDW and I hear people complaining, they can’t get into table service restaurants, they don’t understand Fastpass, it’s too hot, they don’t have the right shoes and on and on. I always think – research, plan and if you need it GET HELP! If you are on your 15th trip, you may not need help – your first (or second or third) yes please, ask for help.

    And if there is something you don’t want to do (or I don’t want to do), don’t get awful & negative about it. I can’t go on Rock ‘N Roller coaster but I am more than happy to shop for an hour while you go on it and set a meeting place afterwards.

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