My Favorite Disney Things: Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

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120 speakers worth of awesome blastin’ tunes at your head and a stretch limo that pulls major Gs under your feet, then over your head, then under your feet again… can only mean you’re taking a ride on ROCK ‘N’ ROLLER COASTER!!  It’s the absolute most awesome ride anywhere in Walt Disney World.  There’s nothing like it, I tell ya.

Enter Hollywood Studios (or as some of us Diz veterans still call it ‘MGM’), pass all the boulevard-style shopping, and take a hard right on Sunset Boulevard.  You will see the awful, dreadful looming hotel with screaming folks plunging into a basement on an elevator gone wild (that thing makes my stomach turn), but turn left just before you get to the Tower of Terror monstrosity.  That is where you will find the enormous guitar and the exhilarating coaster ride that will make you get back in line to experience it again and again.

Upon entering, you will first tour G-force Records.  You will see old record players and guitars and amps displayed, well us music folk could go on and on but I’ll save you the rambling.  You will then make your way into a recording studio where Aerosmith (the best group ever, in my opinion) appears to be laying down some tracks.  They invite you to go with them to a concert and send you into a boarding area where you hear rubber-burnin’, screeching tires long before you actually board your stretch limo.

Now, the wait is finally over, and the last thing you do is step into that limo, take your seat (front row only for me, please), pull down that restraint until it can’t click anymore (frantically push and pull on it another 7 times to make sure it’s really locked before the Cast Member makes it to you to check it if you’re like me), then hold on for the ride of your life!  You will hear the countdown by Aerosmith’s lead singer, Steven Tyler, in that recognizable scream of his – THREE! TWO! ONE! and then you go from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds.  Try as I might, I could find no words to explain to you this feeling.  You will speed past neon signs and pull 5 Gs on your first of three inversions (it has been said that astronauts on the Space Shuttle pull 3 Gs, if that gives you an idea of the fierceness of this ride!).  There are so many twists and turns, it’s just amazing.

Thrill-seeking, adrenaline junkies like me will NOT be able to ride this coaster just once.  The rush of RNRC will draw you back in and before you know it, you’ll hear the countdown all over again.

Take it from me, this ride should not be missed.  It has it all – anticipation, rapid acceleration and inversions, mixed with awesome tunes – what more could you ask for in a coaster?  It’s my favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World, and for good reason.  Now, if you’re ready for the extreme – then “Walk This Way”…..

Ears to ya, DeAnna

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DeAnna, along with her husband and teen-age son, lives in Wiggins, Mississippi, and has a passion for all things Disney. She is always eager to share the knowledge she has gained from her many trips to Walt Disney World, and has helped numerous people in their vacation planning to realize it’s not an unattainable dream. Her must-dos on every trip are Pirates of the Caribbean, Rockin’ Roller Coaster & a stolen moment of quiet with her “Boyz” (as she affectionately calls them) having a pastry from Boulangerie in Epcot World Showcase’s France. Disney is so much a part of her life, that she & her husband were married in front of Cinderella’s Castle, and she says it doesn’t get any more magical than that………

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  1. Rock ‘n Rollercoaster & Everest are my two FAVORITE Disney Coasters!

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