My Favorite Disney Things: Bird’s Favorite Things are the Feelings

My favorite Disney things, eh? That should be pretty easy… except it’s not. I’m not sure I could tell you what my favorite ride is or my favorite restaurant, because there are something I LOVE about each one of them so far. For instance, if you’d ask what my favorite roller coaster was, I might say I love Space Mountain for the thrills and fun of not seeing the next turn or drop coming. But in my heart my favorite would have to be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad because not only was it my first roller coaster, but this past May I also got to share the “first roller coaster” experience with my daughter, who also just loved it! Oh, and Rockin’ Roller Coaster- soo fun! How can you pick your favorites? There’s so much to love! But, there’s no article in that, so I had to keep thinking, “What are my favorite things at Disney?” I thought and thought and the things that kept coming to mind weren’t necessarily things but feelings, so I kept dismissing them and continued to think…

Then, at the 11th hour, it dawned me… that is my favorite thing at Disney! The feelings Disney brings to life inside me!

  • Looking for the signs to lead you to the Magical Express Counter at the airport. This is where I feel the Disney vacation truly begins.
  • Arriving at your beautifully themed Disney resort, receiving your Key to the World Card, and checking out your resort room. I love seeing all the little details at the resorts. Disney goes above and beyond here and it shows. Where else can a mere hotel room feel like home?
  • The music on the Disney buses transporting you from your resort to the parks. I love how the music is themed with the resorts when you’re on the resort grounds, changes to a more generic track en route, and then as soon as you cross the threshold to Magic Kingdom those familiar horns start (Da-da-daa Da-da-daa…) “Welcome to the Magic Kingdom! Return service to your resort hotel is available…” Ah, sweet symphony to my ears!
  • Hearing my children excitedly chatter about everything they want to do and see, who they’re going to meet, what they want to ride. Everything! You can hear the happiness in their voices and it truly makes my heart melt!

  • The amazing experiences Disney allows you to have all in one place… traveling the world, meeting your favorite childhood (or child at heart) characters in real life, flying to space, Soarin’ over sunny California, going on safari, the list goes on and on… While I’d love to travel the world with my children one day, and take them on an African safari, … it’s not likely to happen (although if those numbers hit on my lottery ticket tomorrow night…) For Disney to provide the opportunity for me as a parent to show these things to my children, well, I am truly, truly grateful.

  • Being able to let go and enjoy time with my loved ones. Disney takes care of so much for you on vacation- your transportation, wonderful accommodations, feeding you, cleaning up after you, providing you with wonderful customer service, all so you can relax as much as possible. Even with all of the running from attraction to attraction, somehow, there at Disney you do feel completely relaxed and lost in the moment. What an amazing feeling.

Disney sparks so many other feelings, this list (like that of my favorite attractions, restaurants, and resorts) could go on and on. Disney has so many wonderful things to offer, whether you’re traveling with your family, a great group of friends, or solo, you, too, will experience many of these feelings and so many more, I assure you! There a various moments in our lives where we may feel similar feelings, but I don’t know of another place where you can experience them all at once!

What’s your favorite feeling at Disney?

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Brittiany, better known through the blogosphere as Bird, is happily married to her best friend, “Boo”. They have two beautiful children- daughter “Bug”, age 7, and son “Bubby”, age 2. They live in Kentucky and aren’t able to make it to Disney as often as they’d like. That doesn’t keep them from believing in the Disney Magic though! While she may not always be planning her own trip, she’s always planning one. Bird enjoys helping others have an amazing, yet affordable time in Disney without missing out on anything! She hopes to one day work for Disney in some aspect. With Walt’s encouragement, “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them” she hopes to make that dream a reality. In the meantime, she is happy helping others through the tips, information and reviews she shares on her blog, DisneyBird.

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10 Responses to My Favorite Disney Things: Bird’s Favorite Things are the Feelings

  1. DIStherapy says:

    You are so right Bird! If only those “feelings” could be bottled! They could be taken out whenever needed and shared with others who are in desperate need of the magic. Great post Bird 😀

    • Bird says:

      Oh, wouldn’t that be great! I encounter several people a day that could use some of that magic… 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

    • Nancy says:

      Blog comments should have a “Like” button…because you are absolutely correct…it would be wonderful if those feelings could be bottled. 🙂 Thanks for sharing today!

  2. Kelly says:

    I had tears in my eyes reading this. You were so descriptive that it made me think about all of my favorite things…which pretty much mirror yours. :0) By the way my family and I joke about that music on Magical Express…we just LOVE it!!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Awesome article!

  4. Jay C. M. says:

    I so agree with you. I always feel a little on edge with excitement and antisapation right until I enter one of the parks. My greatest feeling of relaxation is when I just enter Magic Kingdom park, I walk through the tunnel under the railroad station and onto Main Street. I always give this huge sigh of relaxation. I take a look around, I smell the air, I see the smiling families and I know there is nothing I have to really worry about for the next few days (except how much my wife will spend while shopping!). Then I start my day in the happiest place on earth! This also happens to me in EPCOT, but I have to first get to “my bench” in front of Italy overlooking the lake and Spaceship Earth. I sit there for a few minutes, close my eyes and allow myself to relax as all my senses take in the surrounding atmosphere! Its a great bench. I highly recommend it!

    • Nancy says:

      Jay, I think I’m looking for your bench on my next visit. 🙂 Of course, now that you have shared where it is….there may be a line waiting to enjoy “your bench”. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Bird says:

      Nancy’s right, that bench may be pretty full next time. I know I’ll be looking out for it on my next visit 🙂

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