Five Favorite Things about Cabana Bay Beach Resort

11254493_10153886927047488_5885982750528127107_oThe Cabana Bay Beach Resort is one of the newest additions to Universal Orlando Resort’s selection of on-site hotels. It’s also the first value option for their on-site hotels, and we definitely love it for all the value it provides. Of course guests receive all the great on-site benefits, such as complimentary transportation and early access to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But, the resort itself has a lot to offer. Here are five of my favorite things about staying at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Theming – The theming at Cabana Bay Beach is fun and colorful, taking its cues from the 1950s and 1960s. There are neat touches everywhere – even the advertisements on the buses are m12828454_10153886927662488_8235368913544512920_oade to fit the theme.

Rooms – The quirky theming extends into the rooms with retro décor and furnishings. You’ll even find VO5 shampoo and Zest soap in the bathrooms.

Bayliner Diner – Cabana Bay Beach’s main restaurant is the Bayliner Diner, a food court with a bit of flair. There are several stations available. Some serve mainstays like burgers, pizza, and sandwiches, but you can also find more international dishes like beef churrasco and chicken empanadas. You can also purchase refillable mugs to use at the resort.

12819472_10153886926742488_6269541924840348871_oGalaxy Bowl – Cabana Bay Beach definitely aims to have their recreation fit with their theme, so why not a bowling alley? This one is especially fun because it also functions as a full-service restaurant. You can order appetizers and drinks while you bowl, or just go in for a meal.

Lazy River – On top of two pools, several hot tubs, and a water slide, Cabana Bay Beach also has a lazy river. You can float through a nice landscape of palm trees while trying to avoid a few water cannons. Inner tubes are available to purchase or you can bring your own, though they aren’t required to enter the lazy river.

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